Did Sammi Cheng pay driver $70,000 to leak clip of Andy Hui's infidelity?

PHOTO: Instagram / sammi_chengsauman

The driver who sold the footage of Andy Hui canoodling with Jacqueline Wong in the backseat of a car had a big payday -- but who gave him the money?

Was it Apple Daily Hong Kong, Jacqueline Wong, or could it be -- gasp -- Sammi Cheng?

If an entertainment industry insider's words were to believed, the Cantopop superstar may have set her philandering husband up with the video leak.

An earlier conspiracy theory speculated that Jacqueline was the one who paid the driver to leak the video clip in order to force Andy to divorce Sammi, but this was rubbished by Taiwanese TV presenter Cheng Hung-yi, who reasoned that the starlet would not set up something that would land her in such a sorry state.

Now, Mirror Media has reported that it received a tip-off saying that Sammi, 46, paid the driver HK$400,000 (S$70,000) to record and send the video to Apple Daily.

The source added that the singer-actress was aware of her husband's dalliance with the TVB actress, but she had no evidence of their affair.

Hence, she came up with a ploy to catch the pair in action and expose their infidelity.

According to the source, the leak of the 16-minute clip was Sammi's attempt to get Andy, 51, to return to her side, and to destroy Jacqueline's reputation.

Jacqueline Wong and Andy HuiPhoto: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong

And fall from grace the 30-year-old actress did.

Whether the incident was a set-up not, Jacqueline is suffering from public backlash and has taken a break from work.

Her career is now in jeopardy as her new shows are rumoured to be shelved, if not axed entirely.

While Jacqueline's boyfriend Kenneth Ma defended her after learning of the affair, it is unclear if they are still together.

Could this be why her public apology did not address Sammi, whom many perceive to be the biggest victim of the cheating scandal?

Hours after the video clip went viral on April 16, Andy held a press conference, admitting to his mistake and tearfully apologised to his wife of five years.

To her fans' surprise, Sammi forgave her husband two days later.

She shared a Biblical quote on Instagram that read: "Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."

The couple had been dating on and off since 1991, after they recorded the duet Actually Do You Have Me In Your Heart together.

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