DJ Kenneth Kong's toddler son had 2 surgeries; doctors say his condition may be linked to exposure to pesticides

PHOTO: Instagram/@kennethjianwen

DJ Kenneth Kong shared a rather scary update about his younger son, Kobey on Instagram.

The doting dad revealed that the little boy had undergone two surgeries in a span of just two days. And the entire family is now waiting to see how brave Kobey recovers.

Kenneth shared that it was a five-hour-long surgery and was longer than expected. So, it was natural, that they were all waiting at the hospital anxiously.

"Thankfully, the doctors didn't want us to suffer, so they completed two surgeries in one go. The surgery was a success and I can't thank the doctor enough for his skilled hands at the operation theatre," wrote Love 927 DJ.

Kenneth Kong talks about the risk of exposure to pesticides

Kenneth Kong
PHOTO: Instagram/@kennethjianwen

Talking in detail about the surgery, Kenneth Kong said that they knew that their son will have to undergo this procedure "sooner or later."

When he met the specialist, he was informed that it was a very common surgery. On asking the doctor why there's such a high percentage of toddlers being affected, he was told that there are studies that connect this condition to the use of pesticides.

So, it can be a problem that affects pregnant mums, and especially in their first trimester, or an inherited condition.

He further explained that it may skip generations, but when there is more exposure to pesticides, there can be a genetic impact on the baby.

"I want to advise people to try and refrain from using pesticides. Go for more natural and healthy alternatives if possible," he said.

Kenneth, however, declined to reveal Kobey's exact condition and said that it was an "aesthetic procedure."

Kenneth Kong's twins were born six weeks premature 

Kenneth Kong and his statistician wife Wei Ni, have three kids. Kyler, who is six years old and the boy-girl twins, Kobey and Karys, will turn two on Oct 31.

Both Kobey and Karys were born six weeks premature. They were little as compared to full-term babies and Kobey just weighed 1.4 kg at the time of his birth.

Kenneth shared that doctors had already alerted at the time of Kobey's birth that his growth might be slower, and post that, he was diagnosed with this problem.

"When he was a newborn, we were aware that he will need corrective surgery to rectify the problem but didn't know when. The doctors suggested it be done before he turned two," he mentioned.

Two surgeries in two days! 

Kenneth Kong
PHOTO: Instagram/@kennethjianwen

It has been quite a stressful time as Kenneth and his wife had to monitor Kobey's growth closely.

"We were worried that if his growth was not on track, there would not be enough flesh on his skin for the doctor to operate.

The little boy also had to go through few rounds of jabs to boost his immunity and growth," informed Kenneth.

Unfortunately, the day after the surgeon completed the surgery, Kobey's wound was "swelling and bleeding. "

So the doctor took the call to operate on him again.

"After two hours inside the operation theatre, we received the good news that it was a success," said Kenneth.

Covid-19 restrictions in place

Kenneth Kong
PHOTO: Instagram/@kennethjianwen

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, each patient had only one caregiver at any time. So before the operation, Kenneth couldn't meet his son.

The dad sighed that this did affect the young boy. Also, since he's only two, there was no way to explain something like that to him.

He shared that coronavirus measures have been quite tough and especially for his wife, who had to care for the entire family and Kobey at the same time. With the one caregiver rule, it was hard for Kenneth to also help his wife.

Luckily, their son is on his road to recovery and the dad shared an adorable video of Kobey's post-op.

Get well soon, champ!

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.