'Don't worry about me': Jimmy Lin in first photo since serious car accident

'Don't worry about me': Jimmy Lin in first photo since serious car accident
Jimmy Lin posts on social media on Oct 15, 2022, a photo with his wife Kelly Chen and their three children.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jimmy Lin

TAIPEI - Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin has shared a photo of himself on a happier occasion since he was injured in a traffic accident in July.

Lin, who turned 48 on Saturday (Oct 15), posted on social media a photo of him cutting a cake with his wife, former model-actress Kelly Chen, while their three sons looked on.

There were no visible scars on his face and hands, and he seemed to be in good spirits despite looking thinner.

The couple are parents to Kimi, 13, and six-year-old twins Jenson and Kyson.

In the post, Lin thanked his family for spending his birthday with him as he added that this year is his 30th year in show business.

“Finally, I have one birthday wish: Don’t worry about me any more, as I wish everyone happiness and health,” he wrote.

Chen, 38, shared the same photo on social media. She wrote: “This birthday is really special to us, as the candle on the cake represents your rebirth. A family which can stay safe and healthy together is the happiest thing in the world.”

She used the hashtag #ItHasNotBeenEasy as she thanked her husband for working hard on his recovery.


Lin was driving a white Tesla Model X in Taiwan’s Taoyuan city on July 22 when the car reportedly hit the road divider and caught fire. He and Jenson were pulled out of the car by nearby workers and other bystanders before the vehicle burst into flames.

Jenson was largely fine, while Lin was warded in the intensive care unit of Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan after the accident.

In an interview with Taiwan’s Next Apple News on Saturday, Lin said that many people were surprised to see him walking by himself instead of being in a wheelchair when he went to a bank and hair salon recently.


There were various rumours reported in the media after the accident, including that he was unable to open his mouth to eat and had to be fed via nasogastric intubation. This was later refuted by the head of the hospital.

Lin also told Next Apple News that he was wearing a seatbelt before the accident and he could not recall how the car hit the road divider.

He said the first thing he did after regaining consciousness was to check that he still had his arms and legs.

A former teen heart-throb who burst onto the scene in 1992, Lin is known for songs such as Not Every Love Song Has Fond Memories and Why Am I Always Hurt.

He is passionate about car racing and previously had an accident in 1998, which left him with three fractured bones in his right foot.

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