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Double suay: Liu Lingling injures foot and medicated oil gets into eye while performing getai

Double suay: Liu Lingling injures foot and medicated oil gets into eye while performing getai
Liu Lingling at the backstage of one of her getai performances and her on a wheelchair on Aug 23, 2023.
PHOTO: Facebook/Liu Lingling, Lianhe Zaobao

The getai sisters are having a tough time.

Following Angie Lau sharing on Aug 22 that her cancer has spread to the rest of her body, Lianhe Zaobao reported yesterday (Aug 24) that her older sister Liu Lingling sprained her right ankle and hurt her eye the day before when performing at Rivervale 118.

Speaking to the Chinese newspaper, Lingling, 63, explained that she was doing a getai performance when she stepped on a bag strap, tripped and sprained her ankle. When she was falling, she used her hands to cushion the impact and scraped her palms badly.

According to Lingling, as her helper prepared medicated oil to treat her right ankle, the latter panicked and accidentally spilled the oil into Lingling's eyes.

Acknowledging that the pain was intense and intolerable, Lingling elaborated: "I shut my eyes and tried to wipe away the oil with wet tissues, but it didn't work. I heard someone tell me to shed some tears to ameliorate the pain, so I did and it relieved my pain a little.

"Thankfully, I was acting as an old lady on stage and had a walking stick, so I just leaned on the stick till the performance ended."

Lingling later sought medical help at Sengkang General Hospital and was discharged from hospital yesterday, after the doctor confirmed that she had no bone fractures.

Performing for her sister's sake

As many people wanted to pass her red packets for Angie's treatments, Lingling said she did not want to disappoint them and continued performing despite her injuries.


"A fan who sold durians gave Angie a red packet with $1,100, I'm so grateful. As it was the first performance of the lunar seventh month, the venue was packed with people and we also had 10,000 viewers online, so I did not want to disappoint my audiences," she explained.

Lingling shared that she's always had serious arthritis and the cartilages on her knees have been eroded, but she has been delaying treatment.

She said: "The doctor at Sengkang General Hospital recommended that I see an orthopaedic specialist. I think I will have the surgery during my long break this year as I need time for physiotherapy after the procedure."

Lingling expressed that she will continue to perform for getai tonight.

In the livestream posted by Lingling on Aug 22, both Lingling and Angie updated viewers on the latter's medical condition, expressing their gratitude to the public for their continued support and requested financial help for Angie's medical treatments.

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