Edison Chen attacks 'fan' who got too close for comfort

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

He's been playing the role of a doting dad but it appears that the days of 'bad boy' Edison Chen are far from over.

What did he do this time?

The 39-year-old actor lost his cool at a 'fan' who got too close for comfort.

Edison was back in Hong Kong with model girlfriend Qin Shupei over the weekend and they were spotted at the airport by a sharp-eyed member of the public.

He or she started to film the couple, presumably without their consent.

In a video clip that was shared online, an annoyed Edison was seen turning around and knocking the mobile phone out of the person's hands.

Did he overreact to the filming?

Some Weibo users said that the loss of privacy is the price that celebrities have to pay, while others said they could relate to Edison's desire to protect his family from harassment.

They did not, however, agree with the rough manner with which he handled the incident.

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WHO THE BOSS ??? 😆🤪😆🤪

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