Ex-actor Kang Chengxi weds, Dennis Chew, Shane Pow, Pornsak, Zhang Zhenhuan and others in attendance

Ex-actor Kang Chengxi weds, Dennis Chew, Shane Pow, Pornsak, Zhang Zhenhuan and others in attendance
Ex-actor Kang Chengxi weds girlfriend Amy See at W Singapore on Dec 3, 2023.
PHOTO: Facebook/Ichigo.sg

Former actor Kang Chengxi and his girlfriend, flight attendant Amy See, got married at a star-studded wedding last night (Dec 3).

The wedding reception was held at W Singapore and hosted by TV host Pornsak, 41, and actor Shane Pow, 33.

Chengxi, 38, debuted with Mediacorp in 2006 after participating in the Star Idol competition and was best known for portraying Ma Lu opposite Felicia Chin and Li Nanxing in local drama A Million Treasures. He left showbiz around 2008 to concentrate on his studies and later became a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines.

The wedding reception was livestreamed on Facebook page Ichigo.sg, which is a sales livestream business he shares with Pornsak, Shane and former Mediacorp actor Zhang Zhengxuan, previously known as Zhang Zhenhuan.

Chengxi, dressed in a grey tuxedo suit, took See's hand after her father walked her down the aisle. She was dressed in a stunning white wedding gown with Swarovski crystals.

Pornsak and Shane cheekily asked him: "Mr Kang, what do you have to do now?"

As Chengxi and See embraced for a passionate kiss, balloons exploded around them, showering them in confetti while everyone clapped and cheered.

"Congrats to Chengxi and Amy!" Pornsak and Shane cheered.

Later, Pornsak revealed the scrumptious dinner that guests would be feasting on and it included chilled kurobuta pork with special home-made garlic dressing, smoked duck breast with pickled ginger, deep sea prawn salad with tropical fruits and double-boiled baby abalone.

Chengxi also joined the livestream, revealing something embarrassing that happened to him earlier that day.

"I felt so embarrassed at ROM (Registry of Marriages) just now, because there were some guests who dressed better than me, and I ended up wearing a T-shirt… I found my suit, then I wondered where my pants and shirt were… so I wore my twin brother's pants and had no choice but to wear a T-shirt," he shared, laughing.

Celebs who turned up at the wedding include Zhenxuan, Dennis Chew, Yang Guang Ke Le, Bonnie Loo and Ho Ai Ling. 

Dennis Chew also posted a congratulatory tribute to Chengxi on Instagram, sharing that if there is a list for "top 10 best men", the latter would definitely make the list.

Later in the reception, after the guests have toasted to the newlyweds, Chengxi and See delivered emotional tributes to their families and each other.

Chengxi said: "Today is the biggest moment of my life… I want to thank my parents for bringing me up… I would always be filial and good to both of you.

"Next, I want to thank Amy's parents for bringing her up to be so beautiful and cute. I fell in love with her at first sight and decided to 'chope' her… To my new parents, I will also be filial to you and take good care of Amy."

Chengxi also revealed that he got to know See while he was a flight attendant. Under his friend's encouragement, Chengxi asked See for her number when they met for the second time, and the rest is history. They have been together for over six years.

"Thank you for marrying me and for taking care of me. Thank you for your support and for loving me… I love you," he said.

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