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Fan throws red underwear at Westlife during Singapore concert for them to sign - do they?

Fan throws red underwear at Westlife during Singapore concert for them to sign - do they?
A fan threw red underwear with the band's name printed on it for Westlife to sign.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Tiktok/MoneyMakcik

They may be in their 40s, but the members of Westlife have still got it.

During the Irish boy band's recent concert in Singapore, one fan showed her dedication by throwing a pair of underwear onto the stage for them to sign. It was bright red and had the band's name on it to boot, so there was no way the quartet would miss it.

In a TikTok video uploaded by user MoneyMakcik yesterday (Feb 19), Westlife's Kian Egan could be seen holding the underwear as fellow band members chanted: "On your head, on your head!"

Though the 42-year-old didn't deign to wear it as a hat, he did say they would all sign it for the fan, bringing the underwear over to Shane Filan who had a pen.

"They're fresh, it's okay. She hasn't worn it," Kian reassured the 43-year-old, before band member Mark Feehily, 42, signed it as well.

Kian then called out to oldest member Nicky Byrne, 44: "Nicholas, come and do your duty, please".

"You can do the bit down the bottom," he instructed, to laughter from the crowd.

With autographs from all four band members, the underwear was returned to the lucky fan.

Westlife performed in Singapore on three consecutive nights between Feb 16 and 18 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. While initially slated to only perform on Feb 16, they added a second date and eventually a third as tickets rapidly sold out.

The band, who made their debut in 1998, performed hits such as My Love and Flying Without Wings, as well as an Abba medley and cover of Uptown Girl by Billy Joel.


Not everyone was pleased with the underwear stunt, however.

"So rude," one comment read, while another read: "Please respect them as professional performers."

One TikTok user even deemed it as a "waste of time and effort".

On the other hand, one user commented that it was the "best moment of the concert hands down."

For fans who aren't over the '90s nostalgia yet, Backstreet Boys will also be in town for a concert on Feb 22.

One fan predicted: "That's it, I think Backstreet Boys will have a bra incident."

'Is there a dentist in the house?'

On their first night in Singapore, Nicky revealed that he had chipped a tooth during the concert.

"Is there a dentist in the house tonight?" he asked, before pointing a fan out: "Are you a dentist? You just said yes!"

He lamented at the cheering crowd: "There can't be 7,000 dentists!"

Nicky also thanked fans for their continued support since Westlife first visited Singapore back in 1999, to cheers from the audience.

"I think all those people screaming are those who turned up at the airport [back then]," he said, before joking: "So where were you when we landed at 6 o'clock this morning?

"We felt very unloved. We were like, 'Wait until we land in Singapore, there will be 20,000 people'... [there was] not one.

"You were all in your beds."

Turns out their fans couldn't meet them at the airport, and not for a lack of trying.

According to a report by The Straits Times, the guys arrived via a private jet from Hong Kong and did not land at Changi Airport.

"Next time tell us your flight time. We were going at 1pm, darn," a fan tweeted, before adding: "They took a private jet so we would have been waiting forever. Naughty Nicky."


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