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'I feel very sorry and guilty': Leaked messages criticising KinnPorsche co-stars land Thai actor Build in controversy again

'I feel very sorry and guilty': Leaked messages criticising KinnPorsche co-stars land Thai actor Build in controversy again
Thai BL actor Build Jakapan Puttha.
PHOTO: Instagram/Build Jakapan Puttha

Thai boys' love (BL) actor Build Jakapan Puttha is embroiled in controversy once again after another series of alleged text messages between him and ex-girlfriend Poi Patchayamon Theewasujaroen were leaked.

Build rose to fame after starring in the 2022 BL drama KinnPorsche, which Poi co-created.

In January this year, Poi accused the 29-year-old actor of physical abuse, financial abuse and cheating during their two-year romantic relationship.

Build left his agency Be On Clouds shortly after.

The two eventually settled their case in court and released individual statements on Twitter in May, both stating that Build did not abuse Poi and that it was just "teasing" gone too far.

The leaked texts

On Sunday (June 16), Twitter user @bebravenaka, whose account is now suspended, posted a thread of alleged leaked messages between Build and Poi, asking Thai people to translate the text "for foreigners to read".

The thread went viral, and Thai netizens jumped in to translate the conversations.

"I want to f***ing kill you," Build allegedly wrote in one of the many similar texts he sent to Poi.

Many netizens however were angered by Build's comments about his co-stars in KinnPorsche.

In a text message, Build allegedly cursed at Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat, one of the leads in the hit drama.

Fans of the show are also particularly upset about his comments on Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, whom Build was initially supposed to work with again for an upcoming BL project titled 4 Minutes.

One leaked conversation revealed that Bible had allegedly given Build a ring and told him that he cared about him, which the latter said gave him "goosebumps".

Texts leaked in June where Build allegedly called Bible names were also brought back to light. 

In the conversation, Build allegedly compared Bible's outfit to what K-pop idol Kai from Exo wore and called the former a "jerk" and a "loser".

Build allegedly made negative remarks about supporting cast members Bas Asavapatr Ponpiboon, Job Yosatorn Konglikit and JJ Chalach Tantijibul and director Pond Krisda Witthayakhajorndet as well.

Bas posted a photo of himself in new clothes on social media, and Build allegedly sent a text to Poi swearing about it.

Build also reportedly sent a screenshot of JJ replying to his Instagram Story, seemingly enraged as he called him names.

In addition, he reportedly insinuated that Pond is gay by making a crude comment.

All the other cast members have allegedly un-followed Build on social media. 

'I feel very sorry and guilty'

Build took to Twitter later on July 16 to post a statement, saying that he feels "very sorry and guilty" and apologised to everyone he "mentioned and didn't mention" in the messages.


"I apologise and take responsibility for what I did to the people I referred to. So I want to let everyone know that I'm no longer like that anymore, I'm sorry," he said, adding that he will be "careful" with his words and "not hurt" other people's feelings again.

It is unclear whether he was apologising for all the leaked text messages or only the recent ones.

Netizens react

While fans of the star trended hashtags on Twitter in support of him, some netizens were not so sympathetic.

"I need his parents to issue an apology for birthing him," one netizen tweeted.

"He should be rotting in a jail cell," said another.

In response to a screenshot of a trending hashtag #WeLoveYouBuild, one user said fans were being "so stupid" that they "can't recover".

Another court case?

Build's sister Punnattha Puttha posted a picture of the Bangkok South Criminal Court yesterday, which left fans assuming that the actor will be filing another lawsuit regarding the recent texts.

She also went on Twitter to thank fans for trending the hashtag.


While Poi has been responding to hate comments from Build's fans on Twitter, she has yet to release a statement.

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