Gossip mill: Chen Hanwei thought he had AIDS after getting too engrossed in a role - and other entertainment news this week

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Chen Hanwei thought he had AIDS after getting too engrossed in a role

Just acting or is it reality? While playing an AIDS patient in the 2008 drama By My Side, local actor Chen Hanwei thought he really was infected with it, going as far as taking two tests for confirmation.

As a guest in the latest episode of Hear U Out, the 51-year-old shared with host Quan Yi Fong an instance where he got too deeply involved in his role.

"I had sudden weight loss, always felt unwell and feverish too," Hanwei said. Suspecting he might have AIDS, he got tested halfway through filming the show. "After testing once, I still didn't believe (the result), so I went for a second test," he shared.

But it was a false alarm, with Hanwei admitting it was a "strange state" to be in at the time. Now, he said it is easier for him to get out of character.

Getai host Wang Lei disbands Team Wang, said he was once betrayed and used

王家班这一路走来风风雨雨,我成立王家班已经十多年了,目地是要栽培一些新人,这十多年栽培过程中,有尊敬我的,背叛我的,利用我的,对我不满的都有,然而这都不重要了,都已经过去了! 我永远都是带过你们创下辉煌纪录的人,没有我决对没有王家班以及你们...

Posted by Wang Lei on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

In a Facebook post on Thursday (Oct 22), getai host Wang Lei announced the disbandment of Team Wang (Wang Jia Ban), shocking his fans, friends, and students.

"The name Team Wang will never again appear in the getai scene," the singer-actor said, admitting that he is tired and has grown old. "It's time to let go."

Even though he is now a well-known internet celebrity, Wang Lei first established Team Wang years ago to groom young talents in the local getai landscape.

"In the course of more than ten years, there were those who respected me, betrayed me, used me, and were unhappy with me. But all these things no longer matter, it's all in the past," he shared.

He added: "Team Wang is my life's work, it has been mocked and looked down upon but this name will forever remain in my heart." 

Did Eric Tsang just earn $17m from selling his mansion?

PHOTO: Straits Times file

It was 1988 when Hong Kong comedian Eric Tsang laid down HK$4.03m for a 1,789 sq ft mansion located in New Territories, Hong Kong.

32 years later today, the value of the landed property has multiplied 25 times, and Eric might have just closed a deal on a whopping profit of HK$96m (S$17m) after selling it to an unnamed buyer, reported Oriental Daily News

Although property prices in Hong Kong has regularly topped the global list of most expensive housing market, Eric's profit has managed to baffle even his (now former) neighbour, veteran host Liza Wang.

According to China Press, Liza told the press that she hadn't expected the units in their area to fetch such a price. However, she's pretty comfortable with where she is and expressed no desire in selling off her abode.

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