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Gossip mill: Want to be neighbours with Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, or Kim Soo-hyun? - and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Want to be neighbours with Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, or Kim Soo-hyun? - and other entertainment news this week
PHOTO: Instagram/ actorleeminho

Want to be neighbours with Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, or Kim Soo-hyun? Here's where you should move to

If you (or your family) are loaded and looking to buy property in Seoul, consider Mark Hills in the Gangnam district, and Hanhwa Galleria Foret, near the park Seoul Forest — you'd become neighbours with some of the country's most famous celebrities.

TV programme TMI News recently revealed the locations of several celebrity homes. Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, Big Bang's Daesung, as well as sisters f(x)'s Krystal and Jessica (formerly from Girls' Generation) all live in Mark Hills.

An apartment in the 21-storey building won't come cheap of course. An article last year said Krystal bought a unit in 2016 at around 2.38 billion won ($2.74 million), and the property value rose to 3.5 billion won in three years.

If you prefer to instead bump into Kim Soo-hyun in the lobby, consider moving to Hanhwa Galleria Foret, but you'd better get ready more than a million dollars. The luxury project, consisting of two 45-storey buildings, boasts a stunning view of the Han River and Namsan Tower.

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Sammi Cheng talks about husband Andy Hui's love affair

Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong, and Kenneth Ma have all talked about the love scandal to the media. And now, Sammi Cheng has finally spoken about it in person.

The Cantopop queen appeared in a Hong Kong variety show recently, and when reporters asked her if her relationship with Andy has improved after the scandal, she replied vaguely: "I can't say if it has improved. But the bottom line is that both of us have to face it together.

"When one half of a married couple gets into trouble, both have to shoulder it and face it together. This is a learning process in a marriage and relationship."

She also added that the biggest change in Andy is that he's become more grounded, and has realised what the most important things in life are.

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Stephen Chow mortgages Hong Kong mansion for $200 million to increase cash flow: Reports

The master of Hong Kong comedy movies was supposed to release his film The Mermaid 2 during the Chinese New Year season earlier this year. But with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing cinemas to close, Stephen Chow had to push back the release date.

Recent Chinese reports claimed that the 57-year-old actor-filmmaker mortgaged his Hong Kong Victoria Peak mansion in March for HK$1.1 billion ($200 million) for increased cash flow. Reports added that he initially had four similar units and sold three away.

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