Gossip mill: Alan Tam joins celeb jogging group comprising Chow Yun Fat, Felix Wong, Michael Miu — and other entertainment news this week

PHOTO: Weibo/ 譚詠麟AlanTam

Alan Tam joins celeb jogging group comprising Chow Yun Fat, Felix Wong, Michael Miu

There's a Chinese metaphor that says if you go up the mountains often enough, you would eventually meet a tiger. Now, the joke is that if you go exercising in Hong Kong's mountains often enough, you'll bump into superstar Chow Yun Fat.

That could be true, given the large number of people — including Hong Kong actresses Carina Lau and Michelle Yim — who've had the luck to bump into the healthy 65-year-old while out jogging.

On Jan 13, veteran singer Alan Tam posted on Weibo that he, too, bumped into Yun Fat and his posse, which included former TVB leading men Michael Miu and Felix Wong.

"I heard Fat-kor (brother Yun Fat) is the team leader, coach, and massage therapist. We've already made a date to go jogging together in the near future," Alan, 70, said.

They didn't procrastinate; Alan posted the following day (Jan 14) that he had already gone jogging with Yun Fat that morning.

Sharon Au turned to books to 'fill in the void' of her childhood

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

For the entirety of her childhood, Sharon Au found herself constantly shuffled between her relatives. Her parents were absent, she hadn't a place to stay and constantly felt unwanted by whoever took her in.

Her only solace — books.

In an Instagram post uploaded yesterday (Jan 15), the 45-year-old revealed that reading was how she "filled in the void" in her childhood. 

She discovered the wonder of books when she moved in with her mother's aunt, whom she affectionately calls Bobo, in Primary 1. Bobo's younger daughter had a vast collection of romance novels, and Sharon would peruse through them whenever the other was not around.

Sure, she didn't understand all the words, but the act of reading was able to make time go by faster. The wait for her parents' calls or visits no longer seemed that bad.

"If not for books, I wouldn't have any sense of belonging," she said in an interview with Hello Singapore.

When she got older, she volunteered as a school librarian. Twice a week, she'd stay behind to help process books that were borrowed and returned, and to help organise the shelves.

For most, it might have been just a library. For Sharon, it was her sanctuary.

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Chris Evans denies reports that he's in talks to return as Captain America

Oh the disappointment. On Jan 14, entertainment news site Deadline reported, citing sources, that Hollywood actor Chris Evans is expected to return in some form to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as fan favourite Captain America.

Yesterday (Jan 15), Chris tweeted: "News to me," seemingly alluding that the report isn't accurate.

In July last year, he had said in an interview that he wouldn't be suiting up again as the Marvel hero. "It was a great run and we went out on such a high note that it would be risky to revisit it in my opinion. It was such a good experience and I think it's better left that way," Chris said in The Graham Norton Show.

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