'Grandpa' version of hit Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire in the works?

Netizens speculated that Patrick Tse and Chow Yun Fat might be part of the 'grandpa' version of Call Me By Fire.
PHOTO: Screengrab, The Straits Times file

With the incredible success of Call Me By Fire, it's no surprise that someone will find a way to capitalise on it.

And it seems that a 'grandpa' version of the show is in the works, if rumours are to be believed.

For the uninitiated, Call Me By Fire is a Chinese reality show on MangoTV that brings together 33 male celebrities — all past the peak of their careers — who vie to become members of a new 17-member boy band. Contestants include Paul Wong, Vincent Zhao, and Jordan Chan.

According to reports, data from website Tianyacha revealed that a company related to MangoTV recently applied for the trademark of a Chinese name that is identical to that of Call Me By Fire's. However, the Chinese word for 'brothers' in the name has been replaced by 'grandpas'.

When the news broke, netizens wondered how old the contestants would be and who might be part of the 33.

Since the contestants on Call Me By Fire are between the ages of 27 and 57, the logical assumption would be that contestants on the new show have to be above 57.

Some of the names bandied around include veteran celebrities like Chow Yun Fat, Patrick Tse, Adam Cheng, Lau Dan, Paul Chun and George Lam.

There were also concerns that they may not be able to keep up with the training required due to their age.

Third season of Sisters Who Make Waves?

Apart from the 'grandpa' version of the reality show, it appears fans can also look forward to season three of Sisters Who Make Waves.

The female version of Call Me By Fire, and the 'OG' (original) as one might call it, Sister Who Makes Waves is said to begin filming soon.

Not only that, the list of contestants was reportedly revealed and some of the confirmed names include veteran Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, Taiwanese singer-actress Cyndi Wang, Taiwanese singer Rene Liu and former K-pop idol (of Fiestar fame) Cao Lu.

We don't know about you but that already sounds like an interesting line-up.

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