Here’s how local stars like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Chantalle Ng celebrated their Mother’s Day

Here’s how local stars like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Chantalle Ng celebrated their Mother’s Day
Photos taken from Sonia Chew and Christopher Lee's Instagram.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sonia Chew (left) and Christopher Lee (right)

Motherhood isn’t an easy task. From birthing to the upbringing of children, every mother has undergone plenty of pain, sweat and hard work. For what? For the sake of her family of course!

Which is why Mother’s Day is an extra special day that reminds us of how strong our mums are. This year’s Mother’s Day, we look to some of our beloved local stars to see how they celebrated the occasion.

While most of them enjoyed fun-filled activities, there were also some emotional #throwback Instagram posts that made us teary-eyed. Perhaps the most memorable Mother’s Day post this year was by Sheila Sim. It was no bed of roses for the model-turned-actress who took to her Instagram to express her disappointment.

About what, you ask? Find out more below.

Chantalle Ng

Chantalle served some #throwback realness by posting an old birthday celebration shot of herself and mum, Lin Meijiao on May 8. The more we look at this photo, the more we find ourselves asking: How is it possible that the mother-and-daughter duo hasn’t aged at all?!

Fann Wong


Fann and Zed had some quality bonding time together. The duo headed outdoors and had fun “racing” on the go-kart tracks.

Christopher Lee


Christopher, who’s busy filming in Taiwan now, didn’t forget to thank the three important mums in his life. The Golden Bell winner posted a collage on his Instagram, featuring his wife Fann, his late mum and his mother-in-law.

Sonia Chew


Sonia also updated her Instagram feed with a photo of herself and her mum, expressing her love for her mum by captioning it with: “My mum is an icon and I love her to bits!”

Chen Hanwei


The Star Awards Best Actor winner took to his Instagram to pen a heartfelt note for his mum. “Found this old photo. My mum looks pretty when she was young,” he wrote. “Although she’s older now, to me, she’s still gorgeous from inside out.”

Sheila Sim


According to her Mother’s Day post, Sheila didn’t get any flowers, celebrations or cards. Her reaction? “I am disappointed,” she wrote in her caption. Turns out, her hubby Deon Woo had “failed to plan” for any celebration. One word: Yikes!

Zoe Tay


Zoe came home from work to receive handwritten cards, handmade flowers and plushies from her sons. We’re sure she can feel all the love from her three darlings.

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