Here's all the famous 'Pig' babies that we'll be expecting this year

Singer David Tao and his wife Penny Chiang (L), blogger Hong Qiu Ting (R).
PHOTO: Reuters

The year of the Pig is almost upon us and some very famous households will be welcoming a new addition to their brood this year.

While most of us are pigging out on Chinese New Year goodies, these celebrities will be busy baking buns in their ovens (and mamas-to-be will have a legit reason to feast without guilt).

With this list, whenever the word 'baby' is mentioned at the reunion table, you'll have something to add to the conversation.


Another pig baby joins the fray!

Myolie Wu revealed in an Instagram post (Jan 29) that she was pregnant with her second child and due in the year of the pig. 

Her businessman husband Philip Lee also shared a post on his personal Instagram page, along with the caption: "Well it looks like Brendan has worked out that something’s cooking because he keeps pointing at Mummy’s belly - his new best friend and playmate." 

The 39-year-old TVB actress had previously admitted that she hoped to have another child to accompany her first, 15-month old Brendan.

"I’m getting older, so if I do have [good news], I’ll be sure to tell everyone. I’ve been trying hard for a long time. I want a pig baby. My sign is sheep, my husband is ox, my son is chicken, so our family is like a farm," she said to Chinese media outlets

Looks like her wish came true and her piglet is on the way!

Due date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: Instagram post 

Siblings: Brendan, 2 


After months of speculation, the Heavenly King finally confirmed that his wife is pregnant with their second child. The notoriously private couple, however, has decided against revealing details such as the gender and due date for now.

Kwok reportedly missed the birth of his first child due to filming commitments and so told the media he planned to put acting activities on hold for the first half of 2019; he would go on a concert tour instead.

Due date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: Hong Kong International Film Festival interview

Siblings: Chantelle, 2


The Hong Kong power couple announced they're expecting a baby a month after they tied the knot on a yacht in Oct 2018. They first found out about the pregnancy during their pre-wedding photo shoot in England.

Due date: April/May 2019

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: A creative Instagram post using scrabble tiles and their wedding bands

Mama Grace subsequently shared that they were expecting a boy and wondered if he was "going to love tennis as much as his daddy".

Due date: Unknown

Gender: Boy

Pregnancy announced via: Instagram

Siblings: None


The former TVB actress and Miss China International (2010) married in 2016 and announced in early Dec last year that her first child's on the way.

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✨B-a-b-y coming 2019!🤗✨

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Due date: April 2019

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: Instagram

Siblings: None


After Nicky Wu's mother spilled the beans to Apple Daily Taiwan, the actor took to Weibo to confirm that he and actress Cecilia Liu are indeed looking forward to a new addition to the family and thanked everyone for the well-wishes.

"We are looking forward to a new member of the family with excitement and joy. Thank you, everyone, for your concern." Photo: Weibo/ 吴奇隆

Due date: May 2019

Gender: Boy

Pregnancy announced via: Nicky Wu's Weibo

Siblings: None


Father-to-be David Tao is expecting his first child (nicknamed 'BonBon') with his wife Penny Chiang whom he married in 2014. The 49-year-old once said he hopes to have three kids so that they can look after Chiang, who is 16 years his junior, in the future. 

Due date: Early March 2019

Gender: Boy

Pregnancy announced via: Various social media accounts 

Siblings: None


Popular Singaporean blogger Hong Qiu Ting (better known as Bongqiuqiu) is pregnant with her third baby. She wrote that she "finds it a little weird (that she's) growing a penis inside" her.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are set to become a family of three and baby Sussex will be seventh in line to the throne.

Due date: Spring 2019 (Sources say late April) 

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: Kensington Palace

Siblings: None (Three royal cousins - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis)


A new year, a new Kardashian-West in the oven of a surrogate mum. 

This is a party of six in the making (We're not counting the extended family)!

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ASTROWORLD / Backstage 📸 @richfury

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Due date: May 2019, according to an insider

Gender: Male 

Pregnancy announced via: Live TV

Siblings: North 5, Saint, 3, Chicago, 1


The Ramsay household rang in the new year with a surprise announcement on Instagram. It featured a very pregnant mama Ramsay. 

Due date: "I have a big mouth and all but seriously?!" - In response to a question on his Instastory about the baby 

Gender: He's keeping mum on this one too

Pregnancy announced via: Instagram video on New Year's Day

Siblings: Megan, 21, Twins Jack and Holly, 19, Matilda, 17


Comedienne Amy Schumer first shared that she's pregnant - at the same time as the Duchess of Sussex (Oct 2018) - sparking off a one-sided pregnancy announcement 'war'. 

Due date: Spring 2019

Gender: Unknown

Pregnancy announced via: A friend's Instastory - In true Schumer fashion, she directed fans to the profile of journalist Jessica Yellin, who posted Schumer's recommendations for the upcoming US midterm elections.

The list ended with the words: "I'm pregnant - Amy Schumer".

Siblings: None

These Asian celebs are expecting babies next year

  • >Eliza recently announced that she’s five months pregnant. She broke the news about her pregnancy on December 6 through her Instagram account, uploading a photo of her and her husband with the caption “B-a-b-y coming 2019!” While attending an event recently, she doesn’t know the baby’s gender yet, but she has been looking at baby clothes in gender-neutral colours. She also says that she plans to continue working after giving birth. Her baby is due April 2019.
  • A month after they tied the knot, celebrity couple Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple uploaded a photo of Scrabble pieces that were spelt out as “Ruco, Phoebe, Baby is coming” on their respective Instagram account to break the news. Ruco wrote, “2018 is really an unforgettable year, and I have another status! I look forward to your arrival.” The next day, he uploaded a childhood photo of himself with a lengthy caption, apologising for the sudden announcement of his marriage. He also addressed the differing opinions people had about their marriage, and asked for everyone to share their joy.
  • The couple announced last month that they are expecting their first child. The pair, who got married in Bali in August, shared the news via Grace Chan’s Instagram page. She wrote, “Thanksgiving is about celebrating and being grateful for all that we have. So on this special occasion, my husband and I are excited to share one of the biggest gifts that God has blessed us with… We’re having a ????! ❤️☺️ Though we have so much to learn about being parents, we promise to do our very best to take care of the newest addition to our family!
  • Aaron Kwok confirmed yesterday that his wife, Moka Fang, is expecting again. He told the media that he shared the news to share the joy this festive season, but said that the couple doesn’t know the gender of the baby yet.

    This came after speculations that Moka was pregnant after she appeared at a recent charity dinner with what looked like a baby bump. The couple welcomed their first child, Chantelle, in April last year. Aaron had missed the birth of his daughter because he was at a table reading for a movie. He told the media that he planned to put his acting activities on hold for the first half of next year so he wouldn’t miss the birth of his second child; he would go on a concert tour instead.

  • Aaron is not the only celebrity to share good news. Taiwanese media reported that singer-actor Nicky Wu is another celebrity who will become a father soon. Apple Daily Taiwan reported on Thursday (Dec 20) that his wife, Chinese actress Liu Shishi, is five months pregnant and the couple are having a son. The estimated date of delivery is May next year.

    Nicky, 48, confirmed the news on his Weibo account on Thursday afternoon. In a posted updated at 4.26pm, he wrote: “We are looking forward to a new member of the family with excitement and joy. Thank you, everyone, for your concern.”

    Shishi, 31, was tagged in the post. Apple Daily Taiwan said she is currently staying in Taipei and likely to give birth in Taiwan.

    Nicky, a member of defunct Taiwanese boyband Little Tigers and the star of Chinese television serial Scarlet Heart (2011), married Shishi, his on-screen lover, in Beijing in 2015 and held a wedding ceremony in Bali a year later.