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'We could've parted ways': Him Law and Tavia Yeung recount their worst quarrel

'We could've parted ways': Him Law and Tavia Yeung recount their worst quarrel
Him Law and Tavia Yeung share more about their lives together with Carina Lau on the latest episode of her talk show.
PHOTO: Instagram/Tavia Yeung

All relationships have their ups and downs and the same goes for Hong Kong celebrity couple Him Law and Tavia Yeung.

The actors were guests in the latest episode of Carina Lau's lifestyle talk show Jia Ren Zi You Yue, which aired on Thursday (April 25).

She asked the couple about their worst quarrel, and Him answered: "It was so bad, we could've parted ways".

The 39-year-old explained that he used to believe that a conflict must be resolved by the end of the day, which was different from his wife Tavia, 44.

"She doesn't want to talk about it now, but only the next day," he said.

While Him added that he has since changed his ways, Tavia said that she has become the one who can't stand not resolving conflicts quickly.

"I can't stand it. Why can't you say it clearly now?" she laughed.

And when asked who has the final say at home, he immediately pointed to his wife.

"Our daughter jokes, 'Mum's the queen and dad is the king' and I told her, 'This family doesn't have a king'," he laughed, sharing that he is more of a "housekeeper" instead.

The pair married in 2016 and have two children Hera and Eden, aged three and two.

When asked what made Tavia attracted to Him, to which he cheekily replied it was his "eloquence".

While Carina thought that it was because Him can make Tavia laugh, he explained that it was more about sharing his goals and dreams about career and family with her.

He also shared that he had pursued Tavia with "true intentions", which surprised his wife.

Him, who dated Tavia after they worked together in Hong Kong medical drama On Call 36 Hours in 2011, explained: "After working with her, I realised that she would make a very good wife."

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