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Home accident leaves Charlyn Lin's 5-year-old son with stitches on head

Home accident leaves Charlyn Lin's 5-year-old son with stitches on head
PHOTO: Instagram/Charlyn Lin

Charlyn Lin had a whirlwind start to 2022 after her five-year-old son Cayvus had a scary accident at home on Wednesday (Jan 5).

The television presenter recounted the experience in an Instagram post today.

When contacted, the 43-year-old told AsiaOne: "He was running out of the toilet and lost his balance. The back of his head hit the door frame and the impact from the fall caused a cut."

Charlyn added that the boy is a tough cookie and generally "doesn't get bothered much" when he falls or gets any abrasions. However, this time round, Cayvus cried loudly and she knew it was serious when she saw blood flowing out of his head.


"Even though my legs went jelly and my heart 'stopped' at the sight of the injury, I knew that I had to stay calm and manage the situation," Charlyn told AsiaOne.

Her older son Caleb, 10, was so worried that he, too, burst out in tears.  

Though this made handling the situation harder, Charlyn was grateful for Caleb's presence. 

"Caleb kept talking to him throughout our car journey to the hospital to make sure that Cayvus was conscious and he stood by the door as he was not allowed to enter [the screening area]," Charlyn said in her post.

Cayvus was treated at KK Women's and Children's Hospital and Charlyn is thankful to the hospital staff for being so patient and reassuring.

"Thank you to doctor Rachael Gaudry and senior staff nurse Li Lin from Children's Emergency. They patiently answered Cayvus' many questions which greatly helped to alleviate his fears," she wrote.

The doctor conducted a series of tests to assure her that Cayvus was not suffering from any internal bleeding. 

Thankfully, all is well and Cayvus only needed a few stitches on his injury. Caleb even managed to comfort his brother by telling him that his 'new look' now resembles that of V from the K-pop group BTS.

That got the two boys laughing and brought relief to their mum. 

When asked if she could provide advice for other parents after her horrifying experience, Charlyn suggested: "Please read up on how to manage home accidents that commonly happen to children and make it a must-do item for 2022...

"The first thing I did was to get a cloth to compress on the wound in hopes to stop the bleeding. Next was to get his birth certificate — good to store a digital copy — and clean clothes [that he could] change into before heading out to the hospital."

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