'The hotel said it came from the luggage': Aaron Aziz discovers rat in Cambodian room

'The hotel said it came from the luggage': Aaron Aziz discovers rat in Cambodian room
Aaron Aziz found an uninvited guest in their Cambodian hotel room and went without sleep for a night.
PHOTO: Instagram/Aaron Aziz

'Squeaky clean'? The room may not be so clean, but it's certainly squeaky.

Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz recently revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post that he found a rat in his hotel room in Cambodia.

The 46-year-old was there with his wife to aid their friend in the restoration of a mosque.

However, upon arrival at their room in an undisclosed hotel in Phnom Penh, they were met with a strange guest: a rat.

"Do you think this room is clean?" Aaron wrote in his post. "The hotel said it came from the luggage!"

Aaron also shared a picture of the rodent stuck to a glue trap that was allegedly left there by hotel staff.

Said Aaron: "We came here with clothes and money, not mice!"

Although the incident was taken care of by the staff, Aaron provided an update to the situation last Thursday (July 21).

He said: "Good morning from Phnom Penh… we couldn't sleep well — I couldn't sleep, thinking about [the rat]."


He shared that even after changing the bedsheets, he couldn't find rest because he had previously contracted leptospirosis — a rare bacterial infection — in 2010 from a rat.

But despite the rattling experience, Aaron still wished the best for the trapped animal.

"I stated many times, 'Please let it go'," Aaron said. "The hotel said it was released. I hope that's true."

The hotel later provided Aaron and his wife with new rooms, Hype Malaysia reported last Friday

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