Hunkle alert: 59-year-old Edmund Chen flaunts his post-CB abs and puts us all to shame

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In a time when the circuit breaker caused some of us to compromise on our fitness, local actor Edmund Chen went and got ripped instead.

No joke. The 59-year-old flaunted his abs in an Instaworthy thirst trap yesterday (June 10) that had our collective jaws dropping.

The kicker? This isn't even his ideal body, but it doesn't matter because firstly, he's given up on trying to achieve an eight-pack and secondly, those chiselled abs are enough to make us lose our damn minds.

Edmund wrote: "The family is trying to lose weight and exercising. Xiang Yun's results are obvious and my daughter exercises every day at the same time. My son think I'm lazy, supervises me every day, and we even have a bet to see who will get an eight-pack first.

"I'm at the halfway mark and I don't want to train anymore. I'm tired."

It's unclear what kind of a bod Edmund had prior to the transformation, but based on the Instagram pictures prior to the circuit breaker, it seems like he's always been in shape even if he wasn't as muscular. He also took the liberty of sharing some photos of magazine covers from the 90s where his pecs and toned arms were on display.

In a previous interview with actor Chen Yixi, son of Edmund and actress Xiang Yun, the 29-year-old said that the circuit breaker was "a great opportunity for the family to bond together".

"I feel that the family dynamics have improved! For my parents, they have been really chill parents all along, so it's just finding new things to do together, such as learning mahjong, which is still very difficult," Yixi revealed.

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