'I called the police to arrest my mother': Xixi Lim on her challenges as a teen

'I called the police to arrest my mother': Xixi Lim on her challenges as a teen
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We want to do what is best for our parents, but what happens if it involves getting the police to arrest them?

In an episode of YouTube series R U Okay? released on July 23, local actress-host Xixi Lim, 35, revealed that her mother used to be a compulsive gambler who dreamt of becoming rich overnight.

When her gambling habits got out of hand, Xixi — who was only a teenager at that time — felt that she needed help and called the police on her mother.

She elaborated: "Relatives called me cruel and cold-blooded, but I got used to it. I knew what was best for my mother and I did it.

"I realised that she tends to live a more grounded and stable life when people are not overly nice to her. We are still in contact but as we don't live together anymore, we don't talk often."

Xixi's father wasn't in the picture either.

"My father left us when we were very young, then my mother went to prison, so I learnt how to be self-reliant at a young age as I didn't want people to think I was weak," she concluded.

Nonetheless, Xixi recognised that "everybody has their own stories and we just have to be strong and keep moving forward".

R U Okay? is a talk show hosted by YouTubers Charlene Huang, Mayiduo, John Chua, and Ryan Tan, where various celebrities have candid discussions about a wide range of topics. Joanne Peh appeared on the show a month ago, where she spoke about acting nude.

'They wanted me to tell jokes!'

Xixi added that her difficult childhood is the reason she loves money. She has also spent most of her adult life building her career, which contributed to her being single for the past 11 years.


Elaborating that she has tried dating apps in the past, Xixi said: "I have tried talking to people, but many could instantly recognise me and wanted me to tell jokes!

"There were a few serious ones, but I got busy with work and things fizzled out. They felt I wasn't prioritising them."

While many friends have asked when she would find a partner, Xixi admitted that there are certain hurdles to finding one.

She shared tongue-in-cheek: "Can I have a baby but not want the father? I really love children but a relationship commitment is too demanding for me."

To support her point, Xixi argued that she could bring her baby to work, but not her husband.

She also shared with the hosts that her past relationship struggles have left her wounded to a certain degree. Even though she has healed, she added that it had taken a long time and she did not "wish to repeat the process".

In the worst-case scenario, if she can't find a husband within her childbearing years, Xixi said that she would dote on other people's children instead.

'I want to speak up for plus-sized women'

While talking about showbiz, Xixi specified her mission is to "speak for plus-sized women, and help people understand how life is for us".

"We all like to look at beautiful things on screen, and people seldom call me beautiful as I don't fit into typical beauty standards," she added.


However, that doesn't stop her from advocating for more inclusivity for plus-sized women, be it in movies, advertisements or endorsements.

"I feel that plus-sized women are being put in a box. They may not feel we are suitable for certain roles but they have never tried, so how would they know?

"For example, if I want to act as a ninja, I don't have to be the only ninja. They can match me with a more attractive ninja and it's an interesting contrast.

"I wanted to be cast in The Little Nyonya but I wasn't! So far, I've always been assigned comedic roles. Nyonyas come in different shapes and sizes in real-life anyway… We just want an opportunity."

While she recognised that not everybody has the responsibility to do so if they have other market or profit considerations, in her perspective "they should not declare to be inclusive if they aren't".

"If they say they are, then they need to be truly inclusive," Xixi concluded.

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