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'I can't see at night': Taiwanese host Li Jing reveals she has vision problems, needs cornea transplant

'I can't see at night': Taiwanese host Li Jing reveals she has vision problems, needs cornea transplant
PHOTO: Facebook/Li Jing

She got surgery for myopia but ended up having vision complications down the line.

Regine Wu, better known as Li Jing, revealed in a Facebook post yesterday (Nov 9) that a doctor had told her to get on the waiting list for a cornea transplant and that she was waiting for a donor.

The 61-year-old television host and model also warned others who had undergone radial keratotomy (RK) myopia surgery to not "use ammonia-containing eye drops randomly".

Li Jing also told her audience not to worry as "Taiwan's medical services are very good" and that she would go to more doctors to further assess her situation.

In an interview with Next Apple, she elaborated that she had the "first generation" surgery 20 years ago, but her vision worsened over the past five years.

"Recently, my vision has become foggy, my visual acuity has decreased to 0.1, and I can't see words clearly," she said. "At night especially, I can't see anything, it's like night blindness.

"When I go to a museum, I can't even see the fonts on the signs clearly."

She also said she was aware that getting a cornea replacement wasn't easy, and that she could only wait. While not feeling pessimistic, Li Jing added that she's been "in a low mood these days".

She made a follow-up post on Facebook today, showing the mountain of eye drops she owns and assuring her audience: "Sorry to worry everyone, I will not go blind."

Instead, she said her eyesight was blurry, "like adding a soft-focus filter".

Curiously, one of the boxes in the photo Li Jing shared was of a nasal spray, which a netizen pointed out.

Li Jing responded that she had once put it into her eyes, adding: "Haha, believe me when I say I have bad eyesight!"

The netizen responded: "I believe it, Li Jing-jiejie (older sister). But I believe you will recover soon. Jiayou!"

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