'I fainted after using the washroom': Zheng Wanling menstruated for 3 weeks because of menopause

'I fainted after using the washroom': Zheng Wanling menstruated for 3 weeks because of menopause
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Local actress Zheng Wanling, who rose to popularity in the 1980s, recently explained why she didn't accept any acting jobs since returning to Singapore in 2018.

She had lived in Panama for a decade and then South Africa for 11 years prior to her return.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, the 56-year-old said she experienced severe menopausal symptoms, including having menstruation three weeks in a row. 

"The worst experience I had was when I had dinner with a friend and I fainted after using the washroom. Thankfully I didn't bump into anything," she told reporters.

Wanling also explained that she didn't think it was a serious issue back then, as she had always been healthy. However, when she finally paid a visit to the doctor, she was told: "You didn't come early enough, but it's still not too late." 

She was informed that her health had already been affected by the bleeding, and that if it continued, her organs would be "damaged one by one."

During that period, Wanling recalled she often felt out of breath, and would often have to "check if the ceiling was spinning" before she got out of bed in the morning. 

She also felt dizzy after squatting down. 

"My neighbours would apply ointment on me if I felt dizzy. I still feel scared when I get a whiff of the ointment." 

Thankfully, she is doing much better now. Not wanting other women to experience the ordeal she went through, she appealed to them to watch their health during menopause. 

"Don't assume that you're in the pink of health all the time; I didn't believe it too, because I didn't look ill." 

Now that she's bounced back, Wanling is currently filming a new drama where she plays Richard Low's wife and mum to Yahui, Desmond Tan and Edwin Goh.

This wouldn't be the first time Wanling and Richard are appearing on screen together — she previously played his on-screen daughter.

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