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'I finally have a living room': Desmond Ng shows off new 'industrial luxury' home

'I finally have a living room': Desmond Ng shows off new 'industrial luxury' home
Jernelle Oh (left) and Desmond Ng.
PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube/Mediacorp

From an all-in-one living space and a study-cum-dining table to an entire home for himself, local actor Desmond Ng has certainly got an upgrade.

In a recent episode of JustSwipeLah uploaded yesterday (Aug 28), he revealed his new crib to host Jernelle Oh.

In response to Jernelle's remark about the apartment being "the same age" as him, the 36-year-old responded: "I just love the nostalgic feel… and I like the neighbours in this kind of old district. It feels friendlier."

8Days reported that the resale HDB flat is located in the central part of Singapore.

The living room

Showing off his spacious black-and-white themed living room, Desmond mused: "I finally have a living room."

He explained how he used to live in rented houses or with his mother where he would "always stay in the room".

Back then, his room was an all-in-one space: living room, bedroom and study combined.

"I studied scripts inside and slept there. Besides dining, everything was done there," said Desmond.

It seems that he's making full use of his new space as he knocked down the storeroom to make the living room squarish and wide.

Within the living room is the dining area that has an L-shaped bench surrounding a white table.

At the other end of the table is a single white dining chair.

Speaking about his past experiences with small spaces again, Desmond mentioned how eating at home in the past was "troublesome" as there was just a small study table that was also used as a dining table.

"There were a lot of things on the table. I had to remove them before I could eat," he recalled.

His new dining table could be lowered to be used as a coffee table, and the table-top could be extended when guests come over.

The wheels attached at the bottom also added on to its efficiency.

One thing he had second thoughts about was the display shelf at the corner, located near the dining table: "Actually after making this, I regretted it a little… because it's quite easy for dust to accumulate on them."

The master bedroom

The master bedroom was not what anyone would expect, which understandably took Jernelle by surprise.

"Where is the bed in the master bedroom?" asked Jernelle.

Desmond clarified that he has turned it into a walk-in wardrobe with a study table.

This allows him to have an area to get ready for work that is separate from the bedroom where he rests.

"My bedroom is solely for sleeping. This is a place for reading scripts and a place to wash up. Everything has its own designated place," he continued as the camera showed the mainly black interiors.

Though it may seem dark and plain to many, there is a reason behind the choice: "Initially I wanted an industrial style but I realised that there wouldn't be many places for storage. It has fewer closet designs and more shelving designs."

After learning more about the industrial style, he decided to retain the black-and-white colour theme and combine it with a "luxury" style.

The bathroom

Contrary to the dark walk-in wardrobe, the entire bathroom has a cream interior.

Once again, Jernelle was taken aback by the design.

"I've been to so many house tours. I've never seen this stool in their toilets," she remarked as the camera zoomed on a small stool curved around the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Going into detail, Desmond talked about the "ideal position" for doing number two, sitting down to demonstrate.

He even said that the toilet bowl was "love at first sight".

"When you go to Japan, there's this machine that can wash your buttocks… That requires electricity to work but this one doesn't," said Desmond, showing the bidet in his toilet.

The bedroom

The "luxury" theme in his home is visible in the bedroom, as he slid open a grey door to reveal the sleek space with long black curtains.

For the sliding door, the entire wall was hacked and rebuilt as the door had to be "concealed" in the wall.

While the bed has no headboard, there is a feature wall with a marble design, which was his interior designer's idea so the area would not look "empty" with just a bed.

The kitchen

The industrial colour theme remained consistent throughout the kitchen, with grey cabinets and white walls and countertops accompanied by black appliances.

Desmond however, said that the kitchen's design is different from the living room and bedroom as it is "brighter".

When asked for the reason behind the choice, he replied: "I feel that the kitchen should have more vigour and vitality."

Though the interiors may get dirty easily due to the white colours, Desmond was not worried as he doesn't cook often.

To him, the kitchen functions more as a storage space rather than an area for cooking as his storeroom was removed.

This is evident as there's no kitchen door to prevent smoke and strong smells from leaving the kitchen. Desmond quipped: "Why do I need a door when I don't cook?"


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