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'I'm being far-sighted': Stephen Wong explains decision to leave TVB after 21 years

'I'm being far-sighted': Stephen Wong explains decision to leave TVB after 21 years
Stephen Wong explains his decision to leave TVB.
PHOTO: Instagram/Stephen Wong

Stephen Wong might have set his career back a little, but he's certain that this is the right call in the long run.

Stephen revealed that his decision to leave TVB was because he was planning for the future, Lianhe Zaobao reported today (April 17).

"Many people told me that I've just achieved the position of male lead, so I ought to be holding out," the 44-year-old actor said. "But I think I'm being far-sighted; my wife also gave me a few words of advice."

He announced his departure from TVB last December, right after landing his first lead role in the courtroom drama Speakers of Law.

However, for Stephen, there's more meaning to this position than it just being his first male lead role.

He told Zaobao: "Before my father passed away, he was very ill, and I told him I was about to really become successful. 

"Fighting an illness truly requires a lot of effort and perseverance, so I promised him that the day would soon come when I would be a male lead."

Aside from fulfilling his promise to his father, Stephen also got married in 2022 during Covid-19 restrictions.

"Having my wedding under such difficult circumstances seemed to be a sign telling me to pursue my dreams."

Not suited for acting?

Stephen told the Chinese daily that his character in Speakers of Law differs very much from his own personality — he's very quiet and introverted in reality, causing him to doubt his own ability to act.

"For a while I thought about whether I'm suited for acting. Some veterans in the industry told me that my personality is very disadvantageous for our work because I can't express myself," Stephen said.

"But there are also some seniors who don't chit chat once they start work." 


He also opined that people are multi-faceted and will naturally adapt to circumstances as they work.

Delivering lines in a legal drama can also prove to be challenging.

Stephen considers himself to be the one requiring the most scene retakes out of the four protagonists in Speakers of Law. He revealed: "I often have to maintain high-energy performances and sometimes forget my lines when I get too enthused.

"I usually have no problems filming for more than 10 hours, but having to maintain this high-octane state causes some 'leakage' after about eight hours of filming."

Stephen, who often played immature younger brothers in his past shows, also expressed that he was originally dissatisfied with the roles he was given.

He bluntly stated: "I thought to myself, 'Do I have to act as other people's younger brother all the time? I'm already a few decades old!'

"But when I gave it further thought, I chalked it up to people thinking that I had the demeanour of a younger brother."


To deal with this, he's been putting in work in changing his appearance.

He said: "Shift your mentality and opportunities will slowly come, and the method of acting will also begin to change."

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