Were interviews for Song Hye-kyo's new drama cancelled because of ex-husband Song Joong-ki's new romance?

Were interviews for Song Hye-kyo's new drama cancelled because of ex-husband Song Joong-ki's new romance?
Netflix won't be holding interviews for the release of the first half of Song Hye-kyo's new K-drama The Glory.
PHOTO: Instagram/Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo

Is Song Hye-kyo dodging interviews, or were there no plans for interviews to begin with?

South Korean media recently reported that the cast of Netflix's new drama The Glory, which stars Hye-kyo as the lead, won't be giving any interviews following the drama press conference on Dec 20. The series debuts today (Dec 30).

This decision was made public yesterday, and while the cancellation of interviews can occur, it is rare that a series is launched without an interview with the lead actor, South Korean media stated.

This triggered speculation that it's related to Song Joong-ki's new romance with a British woman — believed to be former actress Katy Louise Saunders — which he revealed on Monday. 

Joong-ki, 37, is Hye-kyo's ex-husband, and the couple divorced in July 2019 after almost two years of marriage.

Reports suggested that Hye-kyo, 41, might have been worried about being asked questions about his new love.


She previously starred in romance dramas Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021) and Encounter (2018), both of which she accepted interviews for.

In The Glory, Hye-kyo plays Moon Dong-eun, a former victim of school bullying, who then grows up and has only one thing on her mind: revenge.

Her bully Park Yeon-jin is portrayed by Lim Ji-yeon, while Yeom Hye-ran plays the plastic surgeon Kang Hyun-nam who assists Dong-eun in dishing out her just desserts. The drama also stars Lee Do-hyun, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Ji-so and Shin Ye-eun.

These actors also won't be interviewed for The Glory — not for now, at least.

In response to queries by the media about whether the lack of interviews was brought about by Joong-ki's newfound love, a Netflix representative said: "This [decision] has nothing to do with the actors.

"Part two of The Glory is scheduled to be released in March next year, so we plan on preparing a space for deeper conversations after the second part is released."

Part one of The Glory will debut today on Netflix.


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