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'It's not for the salary': Zheng Wanling on working part-time at Japanese restaurant

'It's not for the salary': Zheng Wanling on working part-time at Japanese restaurant
Zheng Wanling has been sharing photos of her homemade creations on Instagram.
PHOTO: Instagram/wanling_tay

While Zheng Wanling did not accept any acting jobs since returning to Singapore in 2018 largely due to health reasons, she took her love for cooking to the next level — by working part-time at a Japanese restaurant.

If you follow the 56-year-old local actress on social media, you'd know she often cooks at home, sharing on Instagram photos of her homemade creations from Mediterranean dishes to fancy-looking desserts.

In a recent interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Wanling said she used her SkillsFuture credits to take up numerous Japanese cuisine cooking courses.

Fuelled by her desire to learn more, Wanling began working part-time in June at a Japanese restaurant that her friend recommended. In three months, she was promoted from the salad station to the tempura station.

Wanling said: "I really enjoy going through these kinds of life experiences. It's not for the salary but how much I can learn. The chef is great. He takes the effort to teach me. It has been a very precious [experience]."

Besides returning to the restaurant, she added that she wants to take classes on Peranakan and Korean cuisines once filming for her new drama ends.

Wanling is currently filming a new Mediacorp drama where she plays Richard Low’s wife and mum to Yahui, Desmond Tan and Edwin Goh.

While describing her wish to age gracefully, she said: "Even if I'm out of work tomorrow, I will not be unhappy. That's because I still have some savings left. Maybe my life will be much simpler and happier."


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