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It's OK to feel scared: Lin Peifen writes open letter to son about River Valley High tragedy

It's OK to feel scared: Lin Peifen writes open letter to son about River Valley High tragedy
PHOTO: Instagram/limpeifen

YES 933 radio DJ Lin Peifen was among a number of parents across Singapore who comforted their children following the tragic death of a student at River Valley High School (RVHS) on Monday (July 19).

Yesterday, the 38-year-old mother of two posted an open letter on Instagram to her older son Luke, who's six. She also has a son Jude who will be one year old soon.


Peifen first revealed in the post that the shocking incident at RVHS had weighed heavily on her mind before explaining it as sensitively as she could to her son. 

"I don't know why it happened, nobody really knows. But I want you to know that even though bad things like this can happen, you don't have to fear," she wrote.

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She then assured the boy that despite the tragedy, his own school, country and home are still safe places.

"You will always have Mama, Papa, your teachers and many other good adults around you to protect you."

She added: "It's OK to feel scared or angry or unhappy about this, or anything that may happen in the future. It's normal and healthy to have such feelings."

Peifen then suggested ways on how he can feel better. "You can cry, you can draw, you can write, you can talk to me or Papa, or you can simply ask me for a hug. And, as always, you can pray," she recommended. 


She described the world as a fantastic and beautiful place that he would have a great time exploring. 

"You will also experience (the world's) darkness; this is when the light in you will shine brighter than ever, if you only look inside your heart."

She then revealed to Luke that his name means "light-giving".

"If you ever feel so down that you cannot see your own light, fret not, because you will find others just like you, with good hearts that light up the darkness. And you will be OK."

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