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'I've never booked a 1-way flight before': Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan announce move to another country

'I've never booked a 1-way flight before': Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan announce move to another country
Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan set their sights abroad.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ed & Rach

A new relationship has new beginnings, but Edwin Goh and Rachel Wan are taking it to a new level by moving abroad.

In a YouTube video posted on their new channel, Ed & Rach, the couple teased their decision to move out of Singapore in a short, cryptic announcement at the end of their video.

"I've never booked a one-way flight before," Rachel, 27, said, to which Edwin, 28, admitted the same.

Right before the video ends, the screen goes black and words appear on the screen: "We're moving."

This decision wasn't made on a whim, however, as Rachel shared earlier in the video: "We've talked about this for so long."

Edwin chimed in: "I've never felt this feeling before. I'm so excited but it's the first time."

There is no mention of where the duo will be moving to, although they've encouraged their audience to guess.

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'I want to see him every day'

While Edwin and Rachel are keeping viewers on their toes, they also spoke more about their relationship and how they met.

"It was obvious that we were both interested in each other very early on… no one had to confess, it was just obvious," Rachel said.


Speaking about her first 'Eureka' moment with Edwin, Rachel also shared that when they first started dating, they met each other almost every day, which wasn't something common for either of them.

She explained: "I realised… I want to see him every day. I'm not tired of seeing him every day.

"Then it made me realise, wow, he's someone that doesn't drain my energy at all. I don't need alone time from him."

Edwin chimed: "If I have to go out for work, that's enough alone time — I can't wait to end that and come back to share my day with Rachel."

He added: "She's the only person who could let me put my ego aside. I could never do that before; it's always hard or might feel like I have to accommodate something, but with Rachel it feels like it's so easy."

First impressions of each other

Although they've only recently made their relationship public, the two have known each other for about a decade since their days in arts college Lasalle.

At the time, Rachel thought Edwin was "kind of cute", but also looked like someone who would "break your heart".


Addressing Rachel, Edwin also gave his two cents: "The first time I saw you, I just knew that you were always the popular girl in school — you seemed really self-assured — I thought you were really cute and really edgy."

She then added to Edwin's comments, revealing that she had an "emo hair phase" during her college years.

Rachel also shared that when they first started dating, people had gone up to her and warned her that Edwin might be gay.

As she affirmed that her boyfriend wasn't gay, Edwin also said: "I've come to embrace whoever I am."

Rachel continued: "Whoever people say you are — what's most important is that we love each other."



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