Jacky Wu asks for heavy sentence after son nabbed over drug use

Jacky Wu asks for heavy sentence after son nabbed over drug use
PHOTO: Instagram/Piepiepandaboy

Jacky Wu's son Ricky got into trouble again.

This time, the 23-year-old musician, who goes by the name LucyPIE, was caught smoking marijuana outside a Taipei nightclub early Sunday (Dec 26) morning.

While Ricky was chatting with friends outside the venue, police officers patrolling the area smelled cannabis on him.

A rapid test confirmed their suspicions of drug use and they arrested him on the spot, ETToday reported.

While Ricky had no previous records of drug use, he admitted to smoking the joint that a friend had given him.

However, he said he didn't know that it contained cannabis.


Following reports of his son's arrest, the veteran TV host wrote in a Facebook post on the same day, saying: "When the child misbehaves, it's the father's fault."

The 59-year-old apologised for his son's actions and asked the judge for a heavy sentence as he explained that "the most unforgivable mistake is foolishness".


The possible reason for Jacky's harsh words? Ricky did not appear to have learnt from his mistakes.

In 2018, he was questioned by police for threatening to bomb Taipei City Hall.

Ricky claimed that he was cracking an "inside joke" with friends on Instagram and subsequently made a public apology alongside his father in a press conference on Aug 20 that year.

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