Jamie Qianqian Wu announces she's pregnant with baby No. 2

Jamie Qianqian Wu announces she's pregnant with baby No. 2
The celeb mum showed up at a Bulgari event revealing her baby bump for the first time ever!
PHOTO: Instagram/jamieqqwu

TV producer and fashion stylist Jamie QianQian Wu officially announced that she’s pregnant with her second baby. Just like the rest of her stylish lifestyle, the celeb mum took to Instagram to reveal the news with fashionable photos. 

Jamie QQ Wu shared the post on Friday (July 23) at a Bulgari event as she proudly showed off her baby bump. Turns out the celeb mum was attending the event for two!

Jamie QQ Wu reveals she has another baby on the way

In her Instagram photos, Jamie QQ Wu not only wore an amazing dress but also sported a prominent pregnant belly as well. It seems her second child is already in the limelight without even being born yet. 

Jamie Wu captioned her post with: “One baby with expensive taste coming up.”

Not long after her post, many followers and other celebrities as well congratulated the new mummy of two. Known faces such as Liz Uy, Sukki Menon, and more left congratulatory messages for Jamie. 

'Having a kid has changed my mindset totally'

Also known as China’s 'it' girl, Jamie QQ is a well-known fashion influencer in Shanghai and Singapore with over 60,000 Instagram followers.

But apart from being a fashionable public figure, she’s also a loving mum to her first son Archie – and pretty soon to her upcoming baby as well!

Incidentally, in her recent interview with HNWorth, Jamie QQ — who is married to multi-business entrepreneur Lynn Yeow — stated that she was cynical and suspicious about “the idea of becoming a mother” because she felt that “it would disrupt my wonderful lifestyle.” 


But the stylish mum added: “Having a kid has changed my mindset totally. I have become a more optimistic person. I am constantly projecting the best for my son and reminding myself to keep an open mind for him.”

She also shared that while her childhood wasn’t as imaginative, she wished to change that for her kid.

“Having a child has also made me reflect on my own upbringing: I developed a negative mindset due to my relationship with my mother. My childhood was unimaginative and I was constantly doubting myself. I want to bring my child up to think differently, to enjoy his childhood, and be a creative person,” she shared. 

As for what she wanted Archie to learn, she said at the time, “I want him to learn how to use his imagination because this modern abundance has stripped us of our innovativeness. I hope he can live a simpler life and keep an open mind.” 

We’re pretty sure she’ll be just as creative and imaginative with her second baby as well.


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Congratulations to the new mummy of two!

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