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Jay Chou launches new magic travel show on Netflix, JJ Lin is special guest

Jay Chou launches new magic travel show on Netflix, JJ Lin is special guest
Local singer JJ Lin will guest-star in Jay Chou's new magic show on Netflix.
PHOTO: Instagram/jjlin, Instagram/jaychou

Jay Chou may have pulled off the greatest magic trick and hoodwinked all his fans.

If you haven't realised, the Taiwanese Mandopop King has been publishing videos of him performing magic tricks on Instagram, much to the amazement of his audience. It's an open secret that Jay has a hidden talent for magic and has even performed with Taiwanese-Canadian magician Will Tsai.

One could easily think Jay was just learning some tricks as a hobby. However, it was announced today (March 10) that the 41-year-old is actually launching his own magic travelogue show J-Style Trip, on streaming giant Netflix.


According to Netflix Singapore's press release, the travelogue is a collaboration with Jay and will be unscripted. The show will be strung together by some of Jay's most beloved and timeless hits, giving viewers a rare glimpse into his personal life as well as candid moments with friends and fans around the world.

In the show, Jay travels to eight destinations across three continents, including the Gold Coast, Innsbruck, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Vienna. On top of the stunning views of the cities and Jay's music, J-Style Trip also features an all-star list of special guests who join Jay as co-hosts in each episode.

The special guests include celebrities like Nicholas Tse, Jam Hsiao, Blackie Chen, and our own homegrown singer JJ Lin.

J-Style Trip was announced via a video on Netflix's Facebook account today, which saw Jay visiting the APAC Netflix headquarters in Singapore. He was accompanied by his buddies Funky Tu, Norman Chen, and Tsai, who serve as the fixed cast for the travelogue.

Jay then took a tour of the office while performing jaw-dropping magic tricks. One performance saw him pulling off the aluminium ring tab of a drink can, putting it in his mouth, before blowing on the can and making the tab appear on the can, as good as new.

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For his next trick, he placed a coin on a tube and a mason jar over it. Then with a quick gesture, he made the coin fall off without even touching it.

The three guys in the announcement video have also been featured on Jay's Instagram in his magic videos, and they've been to Melbourne aside from Singapore. In fact, during his time on our sunny island, Jay also performed a cool trick at Atlas Bar.


Based on this announcement, it's possible that Jay was low-key dropping hints about his show all this time with his magic videos on Instagram.

J-Style Trip premieres on Netflix on Saturday March 21, with a new episode released weekly.

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