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Jayley Woo felt late boyfriend Aloysius Pang's 'presence' at home

Jayley Woo felt late boyfriend Aloysius Pang's 'presence' at home
PHOTO: Instagram/Jayley Woo

It has been two years but the late Aloysius Pang still lingers in his girlfriend's life.

In an interview to promote her new local horror film Late Night Ride on Wednesday (Oct 20), Jayley Woo shared her encounters with the supernatural and one took a personal note.

"I've felt (Aloysius') presence right in my home. It was a sudden feeling of someone watching over me," the 29-year-old actress shared, adding she is susceptible to sensing the supernatural.

While Jayley couldn't see the spirit, she said: "If it's possible, I long for the feeling of really being protected."


On Aug 30, she posted a heart-wrenching video on social media as a tribute to her beau who would've turned 31 this year.

"So I met this guy, will I end up marrying him?" a younger Jayley was seen asking her older self in a 'conversation' about Aloysius.

She got a teary reply of "He went somewhere far, far away" as well as to "hang in there".

Although the couple first met while filming a show together in 2015, they kept their relationship under wraps until his death in a military training accident in New Zealand in January 2019.

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