Jerry Yan is single, and ready to mingle

Ladies, take note.

Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yan has revealed that he is currently single, but would love to be rid of his unmarried status as soon as possible.

"My mum has been nagging at me, but she hasn't match-made me before. My friends have had thoughts of match-making me though," Jerry shared with AsiaOne today (April 14), while the OG Meteor Garden actor was in Singapore for Star Awards.

The former model had previously thanked a mystery girlfriend during an event in Oct 2018, and was rumoured to have dated Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling for several years. Rumours of a reconciliation were rubbished by Chi-ling late last year.

Jerry added that he wants a love so passionate that it would consume him.

"When I was part of F4, we couldn't do a lot of things as we needed to protect our image, so now that Vic Zhou has even got a child, I would really like a relationship," said the 42-year-old who confessed that he's obsessed with Vic's daughter.

This would make the perfect Tinder profile picture, you reckon?Photo: UnUsUaL Entertainment

"I love kids, and I really want one especially after seeing Vic's daughter - she's so cute; I just want to squeeze her cheeks," said the star with a laugh.

When asked to pick between love and career, Jerry pondered for quite a bit before responding.

"You're pushing me off the edge with this question! I want them both," he uttered in the end, adding that he'd really like to play a character that would challenge him.

Jerry, who is back in Singapore after almost 13 years, revealed that he nearly had an opportunity to work with local actor Christopher Lee on a project.

"I like Christopher. If there's a chance, I would really like to work with him," said Jerry.

Local TV aside, the actor is also open to other opportunities, such as getting back on stage or in a film with the other three members of F4.

Jerry Yan's all smiles while reminising the good times with F4.Photo: UnUsUaL Entertainment

"I'm also awaiting the chance for us to get back together," added Jerry, who also said the last time the quartet met was about six months ago at Vanness Wu's pad.

Jerry, who has been pretty quiet in the entertainment scene for the past two to three years, has been recuperating from a knee ligament injury.

The actor, who looked as impeccable as he had been as Xu Taiyu in the 2015 movie Our Times, said that would love to gain weight -- up to 100kg even. He is about 75kg now.

"My team has been saying that I look too scrawny. My chin looks too sharp now, and I don’t look friendly because of it," he shared. So that's why the actor plans on "eating everything" while he's in Singapore. He helpfully lets on: "Fans even brought me pandan cake at the airport. I ate almost the whole box."

In his downtime, the filial son has also been accompanying his mum as much as he can.

"I feel like everyone just keeps emphasising that they're busy and don't realise that their family members are getting old. I don't want to regret missing out on these precious memories," he said wistfully.

For now though, Jerry said he is starting to get back into the momentum of working because it brings joy to his mum: "She is very happy to see me on TV.

"Actually, I entered showbiz partly because of her. When I was in high school, I appeared in an ad on TV. It was rare that I would see her face as she was always buried in work (as a seamstress), but whenever she heard the ad playing, she would run to the TV to watch it," recounted Jerry cheerfully.

As to when we can expect to see the actor back on screen, Jerry said that he can't divulge much as they are still in the midst of discussions, stating: "We haven't signed anything!"