Joanne Peh remains in Guangzhou with kids amid Wuhan virus outbreak

It's a time when people are fleeing as far away as they can from the coronavirus hotspots. But local actress Joanne Peh has made the difficult decision to remain in Guangzhou, China, instead of flying back to Singapore. 

The 36-year-old has been there with her two young children since before Chinese New Year. The city is her husband actor Qi Yuwu's hometown.

Yesterday (Jan 28), she uploaded an Instagram post that touched on what the situation is like in Guangzhou, and confessed that she has to remain in Guangzhou with the kids while Yuwu flies back to Singapore today.

According to Joanne, people were staying indoors, "masks, antibacterial sprays are sold out" and "restaurants are peddling raw ingredients outside their premise because no one is patronising". She added that her spirits were "dampened" by what they've gleaned from the news.

"While I am thankful that family is together in spite of the circumstances, my spirits are dampened by what we are hearing and watching in the news... even though our hearts are burdened by the uncertain nature of what’s happening, my husband and I squeezed out time to take a walk, just the two of us, because tomorrow, he’d be flying back to Singapore while I remain here with the children to finish up some personal matters," she wrote.

To end off the post, she encouraged everyone who is "separated from your loved ones" to "stay strong, be safe and keep the light shining in your heart".

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It's unclear what "personal matters" Joanne has to resolve. When asked by a commenter if she could send the kids back with her husband to Singapore, Joanne replied: "Because the personal matters which were left unfinished before the nationwide CNY break involve my children."

As for Yuwu, 43, he also uploaded an Instagram post today of himself onboard a plane, but it was scant on the details. Instead, he took the opportunity to send his followers blessings for the Chinese New Year.

He started the post by revealing his "mixed feelings" while thinking about the spread of the virus, his family, work, and his impending two-week quarantine, and ended off by wishing everyone a safe and healthy year of the Rat.

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