K-pop girl group Stayc stuns Singapore crowd with rendition of Sezairi Sezali's song, even wanted to promote it on social media

K-pop girl group Stayc stuns Singapore crowd with rendition of Sezairi Sezali's song, even wanted to promote it on social media
Stayc performed in Singapore on Feb 16, 2024.
PHOTO: CK Star Entertainment

When we heard rumours that K-pop girl group Stayc would be singing a Singaporean song at their concert on Friday night (Feb 16), it left us guessing.

"When we were preparing the song, I listened to it really, really, really a lot," group member Isa, 22, shared on stage. "So, I contemplated whether I should recommend this song on Bubble and Weverse.

"But since this song is really famous, I couldn't post it because I was worried it would become a spoiler." 

"Really famous"? Then perhaps it would be a popular National Day song, like actress Park Eun-bin had sung at her fanmeet in 2022?

Yoon, 19, proved us wrong by dropping the biggest hint — a "sneeze" that sounded suspiciously like the title of a song by Sezairi Sezali.

As the crowd caught on, the girl group — also consisting of Sieun, Seeun, J and Sumin — took their places in front of their mic stands to sing a rendition of It's You by the local singer-songwriter.

The song, released in 2018, reached platinum status in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as gold in Taiwan, accumulating over 100 million streams on Spotify — a first for a Singaporean musician.

Not only was the audience impressed by Stayc's dulcet vocals, the news of their "surprise" even reached Sezairi, 36, who took to X to share that it was "sick".


The concert at The Star Theatre marked Stayc's first outing to Singapore, and the idols charmed the crowd with popular hits like Stereotype, ASAP and the lead single for their Teenfresh World Tour, Bubble. 

Another pleasant surprise for the crowd was their performance of Flexin on my Ex, a yet-unreleased song Stayc debuted live last year.

While the group entertained us with their music, the audience were no slouches either with their antics.

Hilarious fansigns that stated "Let's go to my house tonight" and "Why did you bring so many people to our date" tickled the idols, as did the audience's ability to understand their language.


"Just now I heard joayo (I like you) in Korean," Isa said. "Do you know joayo in Korean?"

When the crowd cheered in the affirmative, Yoon asked for a "Stayc joayo" from the audience.

Sieun, 22, then asked if it was everyone's first time seeing Stayc and if they were "yeppeoyo (pretty)", and the crowd cheered in the affirmative.

She asked us to repeat after her, calling them "yeppeoyo", and the audience was only happy to oblige.

Yesterday, 20-year-old Seeun also uploaded a mini-vlog of the Singapore concert on the group's Instagram page while Isa shared photos of her at Collyer Quay with Marina Bay Sands in the background.


Watch out for our video interview with Stayc!



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