Ku Hye-sun hinted at marital woes long before Ahn Jae-hyun called for divorce

Who would've seen this coming?

Yet another high-profile Korean celebrity couple is breaking up, following on the heels of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. This time, it's director-actress Ku Hye-sun and actor Ahn Jae-hyun.

The two met on the set of drama Blood in 2015 and got married the following year.

Known for their adorable yet spicy romance both onscreen and offscreen, it's no wonder many people are surprised to learn about the potential divorce.

Perhaps we've missed the tell-tale signs?

In a recent interview, Ku Hye-sun, 34, sounded rather loving towards her husband, but looking back on her response, it would seem that most of us had missed a vital clue.

"Between the two of you, who do you think loves the other more?" the interviewer had asked the actress.


She replied: "I'd say I am the one. I think he loved me quite briefly. These days, it feels like I'm the only one in love with him. I'm way too affectionate with him right now (laugh). He better pass on the 'Best Lover' reputation to me." 

"When we were dating, I hated reaching out to him first. But now, I'm always calling him up first asking 'Husband, where are you?' and 'Is this a convenient time to call?'"

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While her statement had been overlooked at that point in time, it shed some light on their marital troubles.

Not only that, during her exhibition "A World without You, Loneliness for Me" in June this year, she mentioned, "Maybe my husband Ahn Jae-hyun doesn't even know what I have done today."

"Recently, he is working out and taking care of his physique so meeting him is quite difficult. Maybe when the article is published, he will know what I have done today."

Despite these, Hye-sun has yet to agree to Jae-hyun's request for a divorce. 

Translation: After we lost our spark, my husband has had a change of heart and wants a divorce, and I want to stay married. 

The actress may have deleted her social media posts related to the split, but we can't help but feel emotionally wrangled for her.