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Lucy Hale has had 7 tattoos removed

Lucy Hale has had 7 tattoos removed
PHOTO: Instagram/Lucyhale

Lucy Hale has had seven of her tattoos removed.

The Pretty Little Liars actress — who revealed last summer she was planning to get rid of a matching sun design she shared with her sister Maggie — has admitted it's not the only inking she decided to get rid of.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine for the publication's 25 Things You Don't Know About Me feature, she said: "I currently have 10 tattoos. I used to have 17, but got seven removed."

As well as her body art, the 32-year-old star also opened up on her food habits, noting she'd rather order something in instead of cooking herself.

She revealed: "I have probably used my kitchen only a handful of times. I'm guilty of food delivery all the time."

And Lucy — who noted her go-to junk food is "French fries with ranch dressing" — admitted she's a big fan of mayonnaise despite its "mixed reviews", while she always has "some version" of the same snack each day.


She added: "Every day I eat some version of almond butter with banana. It's one of my favourite snacks." 

Lucy — who "loves solitude" — noted she's actually "quite shy", and would love to be able to go to bed early every night.

She explained: "I'm quite shy. I just chose a career that makes me appear to be more extroverted than I actually am…

"If it were up to me, I'd crawl into bed every night at 8.30pm."

And she opened up on what she'd like to do away from the acting world.

She said: "If I weren't acting I feel like I'd want to be a dermatologist or an aesthetician."

On the subject of skin, she added: "My skincare routine is one of my favourite parts of the day."

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