Actress involved in Aliff Aziz scandal gives own account of incident leading to arrest, says they're 'just friends'

Actress involved in Aliff Aziz scandal gives own account of incident leading to arrest, says they're 'just friends'
Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz (left) and Ruhainies.
PHOTO: Instagram/Bella Astillah, Instagram/Ruhainies

Malaysian actress Ruhainies has released a statement on Thursday (March 14) regarding the allegations against her and Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz.

The two Terjerat co-stars were found together in Ruhainies' condominium on March 9, leading to their arrest by Malaysia's Federal Territories Religious Department (Jawi) for committing khalwat (an unmarried Muslim couple in solitude).

Aliff's wife Bella Astillah, who is friends with Ruhainies, filed for divorce following the incident.

After posting on her Instagram Stories a few days ago and making vague reposts, Ruhainies has released an official statement.

Apologising for the delay in issuing a clarification in an Instagram post, Ruhainies started by sharing what she claimed actually happened on March 9: "That day, I had just finished filming and was in a convoy with my personal assistant going home. My siblings planned to sleep at my place, so we decided to eat with them and a few other friends."


"Since Aliff had also just finished filming, I invited him to come along because he's also known my family for 10 years now. He agreed because he hadn't seen them in a long time."

She said that her sister, actress Risteena Munim, was stuck in a traffic jam, which made her decide to head home, presumably with Aliff, to drop off her belongings.

"Aliff and I were chatting while waiting, and shortly after, there was the sound of knocking on our door. I thought it was my sister because she said she was arriving soon but I heard a man's voice and was afraid of opening the door due to safety issues," she recalled in her statement.

"I called my sister to come as soon as possible to check who was at door. When she arrived, she confirmed that it was Jawi and the police."

Bella and the media were also present, according to Ruhainies' statement.

"My sister told me not to open the door first. I opened it later after some discussion and agreement for only the authorities to be in front of the door when I do," she said, adding that nothing happened after the inspection.

Previous reports stated that the authorities had to enlist the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Department when Aliff and Ruhainies refused to open the door to the unit, leading to a three-hour stand-off.

It is understood that Aliff relented only after the fire department threatened forced entry.

'I treasure my friendship with Bella'


Ruhainies said she "admitted her mistake in terms of religion" but denied any romance between her and Aliff in the statement: "Aliff and I are just ordinary friends and are working together in a drama we're starring in.

"Aliff has also been a friend and acquaintance of my family for the past 10 years. I want to apologise for letting this matter drag on without an explanation which caused a few parties to manipulate various untrue and inaccurate facts."

"I treasure my friendship with Bella and hope that she and Aliff won't split up. I'm also ready to talk to Bella whenever she's ready."

Hoping that her statement won't be used as "provocation", she said that she's also ready to clarify the situation between herself, Bella and Aliff.

"There may be parties who will choose to not believe my statement. However, I cannot force anyone to believe me. I just wanted to explain the situation and release an official statement from my side," she concluded.

Ruhainies' statement comes after Bella's revelation the day before where she told mStar that the former did not contact her at all.

"I also don't want to prolong this issue and in light of the noble month of Ramadhan, I forgive her," said Bella.

"I forgive her but I can't forget. I don't know if we will meet again in the future but I haven't thought about that yet. I just hope I won't meet her. What I hope is that this incident serves as a lesson for everyone, including myself."

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