Marcus Chin thanks 'lover' on stage after Star Awards 2022 win but refuses to say more

Marcus Chin thanks 'lover' on stage after Star Awards 2022 win but refuses to say more
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Local veteran entertainer Marcus Chin may have had some lady troubles in the past, but it looks like love is in the air once again for the 68-year-old. 

The Love 972 DJ hinted that he has someone in his life during his acceptance speech at Star Awards last night (April 24), after he won a spot in this year's Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes. 

Aside from wowing audiences with his Chinese poem-style speech, Marcus also thanked his "lover" at the end of his address, which left many curious about her identity. 

Speaking to 8days after the ceremony, Marcus was tight-lipped about his bae. He did, however, clarify that he wasn't referring to his daughter. 

"That's a secret...I will keep my love affairs private because I'm already old. If I were 30 years old, okay, I would let everyone know. But I'm almost 70 so I don't want that. Maybe she also doesn't want me to publicise who she is," he said. 

"I just feel like I need to thank her from my heart." 


Marcus was previously married to Taiwanese singer Murong Ying in 1987, but the pair split after he had an affair with his personal assistant Eileen Cheah in 2009. He was 56 at that time and Eileen 24. The two had a daughter together in 2010 but eventually separated in 2011.

Going back to talking about his win, Marcus seems determined to keep up his winning streak until he receives the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award, telling his supporters that they have another eight more years of 'battle' ahead. 

"This year I took up another long-form drama, which will be airing next year... My other projects will continue as well so I feel that I can maintain my popularity and will continue working towards my goal," he said. 

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