Mark Chao and wife Gao Yuanyuan confirm baby on the way

PHOTO: Weibo

Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao and Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan have officially acknowledged their success in the baby-making department. 

The pair tied the knot in 2014, and in the five years since, several fake reports had emerged about the 39-year-old actress conceiving.

Speculation heated up again in March this year, after Yuanyuan was seen in a promotional video looking like she had gained weight.

On Monday (April 8), the cat was finally let out of the bag.

Mark, 34, posted on his Weibo account: "Every time someone voiced their concern, we would answer that we're 'letting nature take its course'. Now, we can finally say 'Yes'. Thank you everyone for your well wishes all these years."

Apple Daily Taiwan quoted a source as saying that Yuanyuan is more than three months pregnant. The actress has reportedly cut down on her work projects to focus on the pregnancy. The report added that her newfound status hasn't stopped her from flying across the Strait regularly. 

When contacted, Mark's management expressed happiness for the couple but said that there are no further details to share.

"Mark and Yuanyuan are hoping for some privacy for themselves as well as their child. They also feel embarrassed to be the focus of so much attention."