McDonald's Ultraman packaging leak reveals upcoming collaboration

McDonald's Ultraman packaging leak reveals upcoming collaboration
PHOTO: Twitter/McDonaldsJapan

McDonald's Japan has teased an upcoming Ultraman collaboration in quite the intriguing and tantalising manner. First, the McDonald's Japan's official Twitter posted a cryptic tweet in Ultra Signs, which is an alien language used by Ultras.


When translated, the tweet says "To our heroes, we are always rooting for you. Actually, I'm sorry to have to do this. We need to talk to you about something. I have a big mission coming up a year from now. I need your help, and I wonder if you could help me. I hope this message reaches you. We'll be waiting for you on Earth."


What that means exactly is left up for interpretation, but it seems like it's a message calling the Ultras to Earth. This is further supported by a subsequent tweet, which clearly shows part of the side profile of Ultraman.

This is not McDonald's Japan's first collaboration with the Ultraman brand, as there were Ultraman Happy Meal toys released before. Will it be another line of toys this time? Maybe.

However, a leaked image of the packaging suggests that the collaboration could include special seasonal menu items as well. The text on the box seems to read 'chicken tartare'.

One thing's for sure, we can't wait to find out just what this collaboration will bring.

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