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Ming Xi posts rare photo of daughter who looks just like dad Mario Ho

Ming Xi posts rare photo of daughter who looks just like dad Mario Ho
Ming Xi carrying her daughter with Mario Ho, Romee.
PHOTO: Xiaohongshu/Ming Xi

Is it good for a daughter to look like her father?

Mario Ho, son of the late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, married model Ming Xi in 2019, and they had son Ronaldo in October 2019 and then daughter Romee in November 2021.

Ming, 34, occasionally shares about her family on her social media account.

She recently posted two photos of Romee on Xiaohongshu and wrote: "Super cooperative little Mee."

In the photos, Romee's bangs are clipped to one side of her face, while she stares at the camera nibbling on her fingers.

Her eyes have been covered by a sunglasses sticker. However, netizens could still tell the similarities between her and dad Mario, 28.


A post shared by Ming Xi (@mingxi11)

One user wrote in the comment section, echoing the thoughts of many: "The female version of Mario Ho?"

"Frontal photo of Ming Xi's daughter" reportedly became a hot search topic on Weibo.

Some had other insights.

"It's not good for a girl to look like her father," one shared.

Another added: "A child with both Mario and Ming's features is not considered particularly good-looking."

A person had a different focus altogether: "She's so blessed to be born into this family."

Mario was born to Stanley and his fourth wife in 1995, and the tycoon died in 2020 at the age of 98. One of Stanley's daughters, Laurinda, held her wedding in Bali in April this year.

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