'Mistresses will eventually feel like wives': Mark Lee on extramarital affairs and secret to his 24-year marriage

'Mistresses will eventually feel like wives': Mark Lee on extramarital affairs and secret to his 24-year marriage
Mark Lee and Catherine Ng have now been married for 24 years and counting.
PHOTO: Instagram/Catherine Ng

"Why should a man ruin decades of happiness for those few moments of happiness?"

That's what Mark Lee queried in an interview with Shin Min Daily News published today (May 29) where he explained how he's maintained his 24-year marriage.

Speaking to the Chinese daily, Mark, 54, asserted: "I am an Ah Beng, my wife knew before she married me that I don't understand romance.

"At the juncture of this 24th anniversary, the most important thing to me are these three words: forever and eternity."

Mark married outside of showbiz to Catherine Ng in 1999.

He said that his many years of smooth marriage is something he's very thankful for, and that he's lucky to have had no problems with his in-laws.

But that's not for lack of trying on the part of some troublemakers, as Mark revealed.

"To be honest, there are people who come forward with ulterior motives and ask me out for meals. However, if you'd like to meet me for a meal, it won't be so easy — I don't just eat with anyone."


He also told Shin Min: "Extramarital affairs are attractive to men because they allow them to chase the sweet feeling of first love again, but even mistresses will eventually feel like wives.

"Why be greedy for new things? No one can always maintain a positive relationship between a man and a woman and there will be disputes from time to time, but a wife is a wife!

"When the children grow up and become independent, husband and wife will depend on each other again and return to those sweet days."

Mark also recalled how he would build trust between him and Catherine by letting her check his phone whenever she wanted to.

Catherine, 50, said to the Chinese daily: "He knew I lacked a sense of security, so he never set a password on his mobile phone and would let me see it any time.

"Every single promise he's made prior to marriage has been accomplished by him!"

Mark also told reporters: "I can give her diamonds or anything else, but if there is turbulence lying beneath our relationship, what use would they bring?

"What I want is a lifetime with her, and when we turn to ash, I want our ashes to be placed together."

'He's a great father'


Addressing his marriage in greater detail, the veteran actor-comedian also said that marriage is more difficult than running a business.

He shared that when he returns home after a hard day of work, he's still willing to lend an ear to his wife's complaints, letting her rage and vent her distress.

"Even though my wife is at home, the pressure she feels is greater than mine. Disciplining three kids isn't easy," he lamented.


The couple's three children are Calista, 15, Maksonn, 11, and Calynn, nine.

He also helps out where he can — when Catherine comes to him with their children's poor academic performances, Mark does his best to motivate them to study hard.

Catherine also said of Mark: "Although he's no longer as romantic when it comes to dating… he loves his family very much. He's a great father who sends his children to school every day and helps out with housework whenever he is free.

"He knows he's not young, so he's trying to be more active in his career to pave the way for his children's future."



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