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Munah Bagharib opens up about her spookiest encounters

Munah Bagharib opens up about her spookiest encounters
PHOTO: Instagram/munahbagharib

In the spirit of Halloween (because ghosts are still a thing pandemic or not), host and actress Munah Bagharib opens up about two of her spookiest encounters.

"This happened when I was in my teens. I'd just returned home and knock on my parents' room door to let my mum know. I knocked and went, 'Ma?' but heard my dad say, 'She's in the bathroom,' so I went into my room."

"Moments later, I heard their room door unlock, so I went back to greet my mum. I looked in and asked, 'Eh, where's Abah (my dad)?' She said to me, 'Abah? He's not at home, it's just me.' The hairs on my neck immediately stood up! I told her I very distinctively heard my dad's voice. We shrugged it off after a while but I still wonder what that was all about."

The 34-year-old also had a chilling experience when she was in South Korea.

"I was asleep in the hotel room when suddenly there was loud banging from inside my wardrobe. It was like, 'Bang, bang, bang!'. I jolted up and, like a typical horror movie character, walked towards the wardrobe to check it out."

"I slid the door open and went, 'Who's there!'. I was prepared to attack. What sort of attack, I don't know, I thought I'd wing it when I see what I'm up against. But there was nothing. I left all the lights on for the rest of the night."

But these close encounters haven't put her off being a part of horror productions and she's the leading lady of the new Murder at Old Changi Hospital, Singapore's first live theatre meets escape room murder mystery experience.

Munah plays a woman who was murdered and whose four suspects went missing. Now, 25 years on, guests are invited to solve this cold case plaguing the infamous Old Changi Hospital by collecting clues, decoding puzzles and deciphering video footages.

"I loved that it's a new concept altogether and was very excited to be part of it, particularly because we could shoot scenes with the 360 camera. It felt like we were on stage but also had to be conscious of the camera. The whole process allowed us to be very involved in the character building too," she says.

Thankfully, nothing eerie happened on set. It helped that everyone took precautions.

"Before every shoot, we'd gather around to do our own prayers together to bless and thank the space. It's something we do out of respect most of the time, whether for filming or for theatre. I do believe that we share the space with many other entities and it's just about acknowledging each other."

Murder at Old Changi Hospital is a virtual escape room experience that will screen for approximately 90 minutes from now till Nov 7, 2021, every Friday to Sunday at 8.30pm and 10.00pm.

Tickets are priced from an accessible $45 per entry (for group access via one device; excluding booking fee), with options for clue and time extension add-ons. Get your tickets here.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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