Mystery man claims to have fathered son of Jayesslee's Janice

YouTube singing sensation Jayesslee sang their way into netizens' hearts 11 years ago.

The 33-year-old Korean-Australian twin sisters — Janice and Sonia Lee — known for their wholesome image, mesmerised viewers with their silky smooth vocals and covers of pop music's biggest hits.

Surprisingly, the twins are pretty low-key for YouTube personalities and have mostly flown under the radar the past few years, with their musical careers appearing to take a backseat after they got married and started families.

Since May last year, however, a man named David Jeoung has been claiming to be the father of Janice's son Conor.

He first posted a birthday greeting to the three-year-old on Instagram, where he wrote: "You are the best thing that has happened to my life. I couldn't have asked for a better son."

He also identified himself as Conor's father and spoke of fatherhood and being a "single father" in various posts on the Instagram account.

PHOTO: Instagram/davidjeoung

In celebration of the first Father's Day that Jeoung spent with the toddler, he posted: "Our first Father's Day together. Conor, you make fatherhood so easy for me.

"I'm far from being the perfect father and role model to you but you motivate me to become better every day. You are truly my greatest pride and joy. I'm glad to be your father and you my son."

PHOTO: Instagram/davidjeoung

Jayesslee were last in Singapore in 2015 for a gig with their husbands and first-born children in tow. 

Older twin Janice has two children — Shane, 5, and Conor, 3, with Lee Sung Ho. Interestingly, Sonia is also mother of two boys, Jordan, 5, and Levi, 3.

When Janice announced her second pregnancy in Jan 2016, she wrote: "Guess what? Sung and I are expecting baby number two in May this year."

Sung has not addressed the claims but pictures of Conor are conspicuously absent from his Instagram feed.

AsiaOne has reached out to Janice and Jeoung for clarification and we will update this page if we get a response.

On Reddit, users have also been wondering if there could be trouble in paradise for younger twin Sonia and husband Andy Yang as well. 

The pair own the YouTube channel AndyandSonia, where they have been posting vlogs of their family life for the past four years. Curiously, no new videos have been posted in the last 10 months.