Nat Ho lost his earnings from filming Tanglin in failed F&B businesses but he has 'no regrets'

PHOTO: Instagram/iamnatho

When you pour your hard-earned money into a business and it goes poof, it's logical to feel regret or despondent.

Not for local actor Nat Ho though.

The 37-year-old went on radio station 96.3 Hao FM yesterday (Sept 14) and shared with DJ Anna Lim some updates about his life and things that have transpired.

In 2013, he announced his decision to expand his career to Taiwan and signed a nine-year music contract with management agency Veloce Group. However, the company faced some problems and he only managed to release one album before returning to Singapore.

Once back, he filmed the long-form Channel 5 drama Tanglin, a project he was attached to for three years, before flying to the US to study.

During this time, Nat invested in a few F&B businesses — a bento stall, franchised Taiwan bubble tea stall Bobii Frutii and Thai cheese toast shop Say Chiizu.

Alas, his businesses didn't do well and he lost his investments. The money lost were his earnings from filming Tanglin, he told the radio station.

However, he has no "no regrets" about it. "I learnt a lot, especially how to do business and how to be a decent person," he added.

Despite his positive outlook, he won't be stepping into F&B again as it's a tough and stressful business. He even had some health scares during that time.

He shared: "One day, I was counting cash at the register when I suddenly felt pain my neck and back, as if it was burned by fire. I don't even know how I went home that day. The next day, I broke out in cold sweat and couldn't get out of bed, and I had to ask my brother for help immediately."

Nat went for acupuncture to treat his symptoms and the physician told him that it was caused by overworking and stress.

They're just really good friends

It's been said that Nat is really close to fellow artiste Dawn Yeoh and they were even roomies when they were in Taiwan furthering their careers.

He told DJ Anna that the two also meet up for weekly dance sessions.

In fact, they were spotted dancing together with local actor Terence Cao when he shared a video clip of the trio on his Instagram.

When asked if he and Dawn would ever take it to the next level, he laughed and seemingly dismissed the notion with his reply.

He said: "We are really good friends. We know each other too well."

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