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'A new life has come to us': Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin announce pregnancy

'A new life has come to us': Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin announce pregnancy
Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin announced on Instagram that they are expecting their first child.
PHOTO: Instagram/Son Ye-jin

The happy couple just got happier.

In an Instagram post today (June 27), South Korean actress Son Ye-jin excitedly announced that she and her actor husband Hyun Bin are expecting their first child.

"Today I would like to share with you some happy but cautious news," she wrote. "A new life has come to us."

Ye-jin, 40, explained that she was still in a daze and treating her pregnancy with both concern and excitement.

The Crash Landing on You star added: "As thankful as I am, I also feel very cautious, so I haven't even told anyone around me yet.

"I am sharing this news with fans and acquaintances who must have been waiting as long as us." 

Fans reacted with excitement and surprise, congratulating the couple on the pregnancy.

Said one: "I'm so happy for you both, congratulations! Sending you so much love and praying for your happy and healthy pregnancy."

Gushed another: "What? Is this what I think it is and the moment [we've all] prayed for?"


Ye-jin assured the public on behalf of Hyun Bin, 39, that they would "protect this valuable life", and also wished everyone well.

"I hope all of you will also protect what is valuable in your lives and live in good health."

Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's relationship is a hot topic among fans of the popular 2019 K-drama series Crash Landing on You, after the two leads had a bittersweet ending in the show.


Prior to Crash Landing on You, the two had acted in the 2018 crime thriller movie The Negotiation.

They confirmed they were dating in 2021 before announcing this February that they were engaged. 

The couple's wedding on March 31 this year resulted in the hashtag #BinJinWedding trending globally on Twitter as fans kept the conversation going around the celebrated couple.

After their private wedding ceremony, Ye-jin and Hyun Bin flew to Los Angeles, Hawaii and New York for their honeymoon.

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