Not her intention: Jackie Chan's ex-mistress Elaine Ng denies having daughter just to get a cut of his fortune

PHOTO: Weibo

It seems that no matter what Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng does, the accusations that she had other motives for giving birth to Etta Ng, her child with action star Jackie Chan, continue to plague her.  

The ex-mistress of Jackie first made headlines in 1999 when she revealed that she was pregnant, and later that year, gave birth to Etta. All this while the Chinese star was still married to former Taiwanese actress Joan Lin.

Earlier this year, Elaine was yet again accused of receiving HK$40 million ($7.13 million) from Jackie after Etta was born. She vehemently denied these claims on Weibo. 

Forward to four months later, and her manager Ah Wen has felt the need to take to social media to clear the air once again. This time it's to address speculations that the 47-year-old bore a child just to receive a share of Jackie's enormous fortune.

"If it was her intention, she would have taken action before Etta turned 18," he said in a video uploaded on Weibo last Wednesday (Nov 25).

Ah Wen also dismissed rumours of a hidden meaning behind Etta's Chinese name, Wu Zhuo Lin, which was regarded by others as saying her mother's Chinese name "Wu" triumphed over Joan's Chinese name "Lin".

"Elaine liked the wife of a national leader so much that she picked a name which sounded similar," he explained.

While Etta's relationship with her mother had been rocky over the years, it seems that they are on better footing now, as Elaine had requested for Ah Wen to convey well wishes to Etta for her 21st birthday.

From the video, it seems that with Etta turning 21, Elaine is ready to resume her acting career.

"For the past 20 years, Elaine has been devoting all her time to taking care of her family. Now, she has fulfilled her duties as a mother, she will be returning to acting," Ah Wen added.

The actress is also currently working on a new book and art exhibition, shared her manager.