Nurul Aini has own toilet, 'getaway room' and walk-in closet in 3-storey terrace home

Nurul Aini has own toilet, 'getaway room' and walk-in closet in 3-storey terrace home
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Mediacorp

Despite being a working mother of three, local actress Nurul Aini still manages to find time for herself. In fact, she's even accounted for it in her Scandinavian-minimalist three-storey freehold inter-terrace home. 

While giving viewers a peek inside her home in an episode of Just Swipe Lah published on Tuesday (May 24), Nurul, 39, said that the top floor of her house is what she calls the "getaway level". 

The Lion Mum star's getaway room was previously a nursery for her youngest daughter, but the idea was scrapped as it was too inconvenient to climb up to the top floor to attend to a crying baby. 

"When I say 'Mummy's got to do work, okay', I come up here, close the door, [turn] on the aircon, pull down the blinds and watch dramas," she said. 

Nurul's "getaway level" also has a walk-in wardrobe, which she shares with her husband. She also shared that one of the reasons why she has so many clothes is because she likes to "colour code". 

"When we go out [for staycations or holidays], I like to make sure all of us are wearing the same colour, yes I'm that freak of a mum." 


However, she maintained that she's not like her character in Lion Mums: "I wouldn't say I'm like Durrani, because Durrani's a bit crazy, she's very kiasu... but I'm not that kind of mum... I'm more fun." 

The walk-in wardrobe also has an attached toilet, which is Nurul's personal washroom. Her husband's washroom is located on a lower floor.

"I don't share toilets with my husband," she said, adding his toilet looked clean only because of the filming. "On other days, it doesn't look like a toilet. It looks like a rubbish dump." 


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