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On-and-off veteran actress Tracer Wong suddenly back in multiple shows

On-and-off veteran actress Tracer Wong suddenly back in multiple shows
Tracer Wong in Silent Walls.
PHOTO: Mediacorp

It's a trip down memory lane with Mediacorp's new drama Silent Walls.

Childhood faves have returned to our screens, including Desmond Shen, Angela Ang and Tracer Wong.

An alumni of the first season of Star Search in 1988 alongside Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei, Tracer left Mediacorp as a full-time actress around two decades ago, and has been acting infrequently since.

"I've been approached by different production companies to act intermittently, but I haven't accepted many of the offers," the 56-year-old told local media 8world recently.

"Sometimes, it's because the time is not suitable, or because I'm not going to be in Singapore. I'll also screen the roles and script myself."

Silent Walls piqued her interest because she liked the role of a Peranakan wife, though she added as a caveat: "I didn't suddenly show up again, nor do I want to come back to showbiz."

The Chinese drama follows four different families living in a mysterious house over a span of nearly 100 years, and in each generation, one person does not make it out of the house alive.

Tracer is playing the matriarch of the family in the 1963 timeline alongside Shane Pow, who plays her son, Constance Song, her husband's mistress and Fang Rong as her daughter-in-law.

She also told The Straits Times last month: "The character is always in a sarong kebaya and I thought it seemed quite fun to be able to get dressed up in Peranakan clothes. The filming didn't take long as well — only about 10 days or so."

Despite being picky with her roles, Silent Walls isn't the only drama Tracer has been involved with lately. She made an appearance in the second season of English drama Titoudao, which aired last month.

That's not all, because Tracer is also booked for the upcoming Channel 8 drama Road To Riches, which stars Ayden Sng, Desmond Tan and Jeremy Chan.

Tracer on being a caregiver

Tracer used to be married to fellow actor Wang Yuqing from 1991 to 1993 but is currently single and spending much of her time taking care of her elderly mum and dad, who are 83 and 82 respectively.


Her dad suffered a stroke eight years ago and while the family hired help for the first three years, Tracer told 8world that her mum was "stubborn" and would complain about the helper, prompting her to let go of her and take up the mantle herself.

"When Dad first had a stroke, I would sleep in his room. He didn't like wearing adult diapers earlier, and he had the habit of getting up to urinate at night," she elaborated.

"He would get up two or three times a night, so I couldn't sleep well every night because I was afraid he would fall."

She explained that, when she was filming, her brother would take care of their dad, but otherwise she is the one to help him bathe and change his adult diapers.

"So my part-time job is being 'Missy Wong'," she added.

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