Pretty boy Jimmy Lin once dropped trou to prove he's a boy

PHOTO: Instagram/jimmylin

His pretty boy looks have gotten him far in his showbiz career, but it's not without problems. 

In a recent episode of Chinese variety show My Dearest Ladies, Jimmy Lin's mother dropped a truth bomb about the 45-year-old Taiwanese singer-actor.

She recounted a time in his childhood when Jimmy sported a rather feminine haircut that often led to people thinking he was a girl. After one such incident, Jimmy apparently couldn't take it anymore and dropped his trousers to prove that he was, in fact, a boy.

It's unclear whether he was wearing anything underneath or he was baring it all.

After his mum spilled the beans, Jimmy looked rather embarrassed and admitted that people often mistook him for a girl even when he went to the washroom. It was only after getting a buzzcut did the number of awkward incidents reduce.

Jimmy is married to former Taiwanese model Kelly Chen who was recently targeted by the public for not being beautiful enough to be his wife.

The couple got engaged and gave birth to their oldest son in 2009. They got married in 2013 and two years later, had twin sons Jenson and Kyson.